Thursday, October 9, 2014


The weekend of waiting was slightly torture. I just wanted to hear that she was 100% donor and all would be well. We tried to make the most of our week before we would hear the results .Scott and Slade surprised us and spent Sun- Wed with us anxiously awaiting the news. We visited Gardner Village to celebrate the good news (so far) with the Schanz family. We adore them and are forever grateful to them. Taleah was happy and I tried to soak up the time as a family. I mean hearing that she was technically cancer free is kind of a big deal.

I couldn't stand the waiting and I knew there was a chance that they would have the results Tuesday night, which was the day before our big appointment. I was "that mom" and called begging for results. They sent me to the nurse practioner and she didn't know yet. She pulled up the results and repeated the information that we had already heard and my heart was pounding. She then informed me that she was 100% donor and all of the tests looked great. Tears filled my eyes, it felt like my heart stopped beating and I didn't even know what to say. The big moment we had been waiting for. Words cannot describe the emotions running through my body at that point. 

We met with the docs the next day and we were cleared to go home anytime. We were on Day 93 and being sent home. I couldn't believe it. Of course we had a ton of packing to do and knew that it wouldn't happen until the next day. I was ready to stay up all night so we could head home the next morning. 
Let's not forget the trouble we were having with her line. It was falling out... so what a better way to the end the day then letting it "fall out" at clinic. I will say it was traumatic but we got it done and avoided a trip to the OR. Yay!

My mom mentioned that we needed to wait until 4pm to pull into town. So we stopped in Provo to see Tavia and have lunch. She then informed me that I needed to be pulling in at a certain point. I didn't know why and there was no way that we would be home at that time. She said she would figure it out. I had no idea what that meant. 

Driving into our neighborhood, lined with people we love and decorations galore.... it was surreal. I was low on sleep, excited, anxious and then felt an enormous amount of love. The pictures don't do it justice. Saint George is amazing. The people are amazing. I will never know how many people helped, how many people donated money, and all of the work that went into this wonderful homecoming. But I do know it as amazing and we all loved it. 

The basement and the playroom is another story. We had started the process before she relapsed.We knew we wanted a playroom, but now a playroom would mean that much more. There were SO many people that spent countless hours, money, time and their talents to make the basement something great to come home to. It isn't all the way finished, but pretty dang close. And that playroom is a dream. The kids love it. I love it. I can't believe all that happened in the months we were gone. I wish we could adequately thank the people that helped. Again, we are so grateful!!

We had a great celebration in our favorite place... Lake Powell. We spent time with family and friends and LOVED every second. Taleah was in heaven.
We even made a special dance video....

The plan....
We will visit PCMC every 4 weeks. We still have to visit the hospital every time she has a fever (it's already happened) for a CBC, cultures and check up. It still freaks me out and my head automatically goes to the worst place possible. She cannot go to school because she isn't immunized anymore. It is comparable to a newborn immune system. We can't do immunizations for a year. We need to stay away from sick people but she can start extra curricular activities (but of course no sick people).
 I want to enjoy life and live like it will last forever. However, you never know and that about kills me. I try not to let it get to my head, but it does. Fear is no way to live so we will do our best. 
We are just so happy to be home and under one roof. It feels like a dream. 


  1. love y'all, so glad your home!!

  2. I have been a follower on your blog for quite some time. Words cannot express how happy I am for you, Taleah and your beautiful family. I was checking your blog on a daily basis to hear the wonderful news. Sending lots of love

  3. Love LOVE LOVE THIS POST. SO HAPPY for your success in traveling down that horrible road. Thinking of yall from Memphis! 💗