Friday, November 30, 2012

November in a Nutshell

November has been busy. It has been filled with lots of family time which we love.

Taleah has also been busy practicing for her first cheer performance. It has been a great thing for her to get exercise and physical therapy. She LOVED performing and everyone cheering. She thinks that everyone clapping is for her. I love watching her and the smile on her face when she does it. 

Her counts were checked this week and everything looks like it is in the right parameters. One visit down and 11 more to go. We are getting closer and she is handling like a rockstar. Proud to be her mama.

The rest of October

Halloween was a blast. The kids loved every minute of it. I did too. We were able to have her counts checked a few days before and they were right where they needed to be which made Halloween that much more enjoyable.

The football games continued to be good entertainment. Felt like football consumed our lives for a while. Keeping things exciting.

Many more activities kept us busy. The weather was amazing and made for lots of play time.

I am so glad that things have stayed fairly low key for awhile. She is handling treatment well and moving forward. Meaning we are that much closer to finishing treatment. Halloween meant 1 more year until she is finished. Let the countdown begin!!!