Sunday, October 27, 2013

Last Treatment/Port Removal

It was a day would be had been looking forward to for a long time. We knew she would be getting her port out, receiving her last IV chemo treatment, and last official visit to PCMC "on treatment". She was quite anxious about surgery and so was I. I was the most nervous about her being intubated because I knew how difficult it was in the past.

The port access went fine and then we couldn't get any blood back. There was a lot that needed to happen on this day and the delay in blood return didn't help matters. She was so excited that she didn't have to go to the smiley room, but when she finally realized that she would be going to surgery instead... she panicked.

 It was heartbreaking to see her so nervous. She wouldn't speak to anyone. I was emotional as well! When it was time for her to go back to the OR, they tried giving her a little Versed but it never really works on her. She was still freaking out and watching her be wheeled away was so hard. I was crying and having a hard time keeping it together.
She ended up doing fine in the surgery. They also did the LP with intrathecal methotrexate while she was under. I hated being in that waiting room filled with nervous family members. It brought back way too many memories.
When she "woke up" from anesthesia, the cute staff brought her a giant basket full of goodies and a sang a song. She was out of it, but I recorded it so we will always remember.
The ride home was a challenge. She was throwing up and miserable. I was giant and miserable as well.
Even though it was a long, emotional day, it was a huge milestone in her treatment!!! The biggest perk to having no port is the lower risk for infection. She was thrilled when she figured out that it meant no hospital visits when she got a fever.
It's oral chemo until Halloween and then she is done! Yay!!!
We will follow up at PCMC in December with an echo, clinic visit and lab draw. She will also be doing lab draws down here every 6 weeks for quite some time.
We are hoping and praying that this is her final fight and we can move on from treatment for good.