Sunday, August 28, 2011

Background Info

Taleah is 2 1/2 years old.

Full of spunk and personality. She has always been a healthy baby. People have always mentioned how lucky I was that she was rarely sick.

About 6 weeks ago she had a really high fever (104) on and off for 10 days. We took her in to the peds office and we checked for UTI, kidney infections, strep throat, ect. We finally ended up with some lab work and chest x-ray. The x-ray looked fine but the labs were scary. The doc threw around the word leukemia, but said that it was likely not. What were the chances right?! He took great care of us and kept us up to date and we appreciated that so much. We even had a pathologist look and he said there was no leukemia. I was so relieved. The 3 hour wait until the point was brutal. At least it wasn't cancer, and I could move on with life.

She eventually got over her fever and was pretty much back to her normal self. About 3 weeks went by and she was a little whiny, naughty, and needy...but what 2 year old isn't? I kept thinking it had to be the age. Looking back, I feel like I maybe should have caught on but who knows? My mother in law mentioned her pale skin and some extra bruising. I agreed, but thought it was just lack of sun and a roudy 2 year old. Looking back, I kick myself for not taking her in then. I should probably try not to look need to blame myself.


  1. Don't ever blame yourself. You. Are. An. AMAZING. Mom. Don't ever forget that.

  2. Don't blame yourself, we do the best we know how to as parents, sometimes things get a ahead of us. Your right little kids get bruise all the time. You couldn't have known. I've watched my daughter go through endless blood tests, shots, more tests, surgeries., here's is because of an immune disorder. she had a port but she was like 14 when she got hers, her veins were pretty much shot. One things ive learned, if you don't feel right about the care, or a particular caretaker, maybe someone drawing blood and can't get it, speak up, as parents if don't speak up who will. We don't need to let our kids go through more than might need to be necessary. You and your sweet little Taleah are in my prayers right along with baby Jordan. Hang in there and it ok to step outside the room and cry, but please take care of yourself also, if you get worn out if will be harder to deal with everything. Hang in there, love Lori sorry I'm sorry if im sounding like a mother

  3. Oh my! I went through these same things! EXACTLY. But there is no way you could have known. Cause, come on, CANCER? Really? Bruising and whining? A good mom is one who doesn't freak out at every little thing. You did just what you should have.