Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 11

Today was ok. I hate to wish time away, especially for Slade. BUT I am happy to say that one more day has come and gone. It sounds horrible to even say that. I am grateful that we have her. I am grateful that I get to have these experiences with her. We are going to learn/grow so much. Let's just say I might be wishing this month away.

The Stevensons kept Slade last night so that I could get some sleep (well only have to deal with one crying child in the middle of the night). She actually did ok (besides battling for 40 minutes about taking her medicine). She woke up at 3:00 to eat Cafe Rio. As I got it all ready, sat her down with the food in front of her she looked at me and screamed, "Get away, go away mom!" I quickly sat on the couch so I could still see her and her see me. She then yelled, " I said, GO AWAY!" So I sunk down on the couch so she could not see me. When she was done eating, she requested Yo Gabba Gabba. I told her no so she said, "Carry me to my bed to go to sleep!" She slept until 6:30 and requestd cafe rio once more. I am pretty sure I thought I would never hate the smell of Cafe Rio, but I might end up hating it.

Slade came back home around 8:30 and Taleah was loving that for a minute. Until she realized she wanted my full attention. We ended up going to Grammy's at 10:00 so I could go to IHC and get things worked out.

She was really whiny all day and wanted to be carried and held all day. She was asking for Grandma and Grandpa Stevenson all day long. She wanted to be at their house. Grandpa picked her up at 3:30 and she has been there all night. She even decided to have a sleepover. I agreed to get a good nights rest so that I can stay healthy. I am hoping she does ok. There is no telling how she will act in the middle of the night. Praying she does ok. Good thing I am one phone call away and a 2 minute drive.

I have no idea if it is normal for her to be so tired. She doesn't look pale like before, just tired and lazy. Praying that her little body is just busy fighting off the cancer that she needs her rest (lack of energy).

Those dang steroids are kicking my trash. And hers too! More her though... poor thing!


  1. Have a good nights rest. It is hard to hear your child not want you. Just remember it is the steroids that make her moody. She loves you!

  2. Hope you're able to get some rest! You need and deserve it!

  3. Just want you to know that I started following your blog last week. I hope that's okay. I've been praying for little Taleah and for you and your family. There is great power in prayer so I want to do at least that much for you.

    I had a friend go through this exact same diagnosis with her 2 1/2 year old little girl many years ago. Those were a hard couple years but then she got well and she is now in her late 20s and married and doing very well.

  4. i really hope you got some rest. What would we do without family?? It's so nice that you have both sides close by at times like this. I think about you guys multiple times a day and am praying for you guys.
    I would love to help in any way...maybe I should get you a gift card to cafe rio!!! At least rio's healthier for her than McDonalds :)

  5. I'm glad you're making sure you get rest as well. And that family is so willing to help.

    Most kids don't really sleep on steroids. At least in the night. Maybe she is sleeping so much in the day because nights are bad.

    Also, steroids cause leg pain. So I'll be that is why she's asking to be carried.

    Down in RTU and several other places, they have pain charts. I decided to make one for Daph that was more helpful for her. It might help you guys figure out where Taleah is on the chart. Though you'd probably have to replace Daph's pics with pics of Taleah.

    Do not feel bad about wishing induction away. It is like the boot camp of treatment. I try not to do that where we are at now, but do all the wishing away you want while in induction.

  6. So glad you have family in town to help you! I hope you got some much needed rest and that things are going good for you today!!