Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bone Marrow Drive

There is a bone marrow drive in STG this upcoming Monday. I am SO sad that I will be out of town. I hope they get all the support they need.

Millie was the inspiration for this drive. She is such a special girl!!! It will be located at DRMC from 10-6. They will have jimmy johns sandwhiches, drinks and cookies. It is EASY to sign up for the registry... fill out a form, swab your cheek and go! Painless, easy and you could potentially save a child's life. If you were to be chosen, the actual donating is not that bad either. Taleah has done it... so you could do it!! :) Like I mentioned before, Millie has the same cancer that Taleah has and her treatment did not work. It breaks my heart and I can't even think about it for too long. I have been wanting to do something for them and spreading the word for this drive is one of the best things I/We could do. She needs this.... so many kids need this.Please go and support. Thank you!!!!

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  1. darn i missed it is there another time i could go do this? or should i contact any certain person to set up an appointment?