Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Week

I/She was so excited to go to cheer tryouts. I think most of all I was happy to pretend to be "normal". Maintenance is approaching quickly and I wanted to get a feel and slowly work into a normal life. She had a blast! I think most of all I loved that she was smiling and being active.
She wasn't even feeling her best, but still had a great time. She is more than happy to be on the mini cheer team. I was a nervous wreck the entire time we were there. Following her with hand sanitizer, making sure she didn't touch any of the other girls. I am hoping that people won't send their kid if they are sick. I may even send home a note making people aware of her condition and to keep me informed of exposure to chicken pox (can be dangerous for kiddos with no immune system). It may be a little over the top....? Who cares.

One "positive" thing to come out of this cancer/being stuck at home.... the relationship that these two have. I was doing dishes and looked over to see them cuddling. Loved it. Tried to snap a pic and ruined it. We don't get to play with people often so they have learned to play with each other and love it/hate it.

Easter Weekend
Oh how I loved this weekend. We all did. I was stressed (surprise?) about everyone staying healthy and then my own children had runny noses. Luckily, everyone stayed pretty healthy. We spent most of the time outside so I felt better about that. The joy on Taleah and Slade's faces was priceless. I guess I didn't realize how much Slade misses out on too. They were both in heaven. They loved every minute. Never wanted to leave. True Happiness.

The Easter egg hunt with the Stevenson side. We haven't seen these cousins for so long and it was great to hang out. Sandee and Rob went to a lot of work to keep everyone happy. It didn't go unnoticed and we appreaciated every bit of it. Especially the kids.

These three girlies are all born within 3 months of each other. They have become good little buddies and played well together.

We spent an afternoon in our yard with the cousins and had so much fun. We reflected on how much work went into our yard and the people that spent hours/money to make it what it is. Thank you!

Taleah kept telling me, "I am SO excited for Easter!" She was more than thrilled to go to church. I had NO idea what her counts were and still don't. I just couldn't have her miss out on much more. We were careful and even attended nursery (1/2 the time). She was so happy and it made me so grateful that she is here with us and fighting this beast. We never got a family pic on Easter morning. I am more than bummed.

We headed to Kanab after church for the annual Easter festivities. It was great to see everyone. Grandma Young always puts a lot of work into the weekend and were glad to be there for part of it.
However, it was my realization that my kids have become anti-social. They were afraid of everyone and didn't want to talk/look at anyone. Kind of embarrassing and sad at the same time. I am hoping that real life will help with that adjustment in life.

Taleah was in the dancing mood. We spent more than hour at Grammy's daning and having cheer class. Everyone participated.. even Grammy and Gramps. Hilarious. Wish I had video.

Her favorite aunt Grammy. She spent most of her time with her. Surprise!!! Thanks Treena!
It was a great weekend. It was awesome to be a part of family things. It was great to feel kind of normal. I hope maintenance will be that for us. I hope we can adjust and be "normal again". Oh and the mouth sores never came. I am SO grateful that they stayed away. I guess they could still come but let's hope not.
One week and then we find out about maintenance. I am beginning to feel sick about it. Dumb stress. I need to do some serious praying and find some peace. We will. We will figure it out. Thank you for all of your prayers/kindness. Means more than you will ever know.


  1. Glad you guys had such a fun-filled weekend. It looked like a ton of fun and that weather looked amazing. Happy Easter!

  2. Question, because her immune system was completely knocked out, would she have to restart all of her vaccines again when she is in remission for an amount of time? I didn't even think of that until you said chicken pox.

    1. That is a good question. I don't think so, but I am going to ask!!

  3. I love the picture of her and her brother by your front door. Both of them look adorable in their East outfits. I'm glad you guys had a wonderful holiday and I hope all goes well for Taleah at Cheer Camp :)

  4. We loovveedd being with you guys this weekend!