Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 17- Steroids

Seroids full swing. Here we go. Ugh.
Last night I spent about 2 hours searching for Fritos. Yes, that's all she could think about and all she wanted. We couldn't find them from any floor, vending maching, the U hospital, anywhere!! I had about 2 people helping me for over an hour. I prepared 5 different "dinners" and there weren't any that were good enough. It's only day 3 of these steroids... so a good 3 days before they are out of her system. We can do this. She received another chemo today (PEG). The remainder of this round will consist of another LP, triple dose intrathecal chemo, and Vinc through her PICC. We will wait for counts to come up and then come home for a week break.
I had an overwhelming amount of gratitude today. We got call from Elder Holland's office saying that he would come and visit us. He was able to come for about 30 minutes and it was very special. There are things that I will keep private and journal for my family to have/read. However, I must note that he is an amazing man. The spirit I felt was undeniable and emotional. He was able to give Taleah and Tait a blessing and it was something that I will never forget. I know that sweet little Tait signed up for this journey and I am so grateful that she did. I am grateful that I had the twins. I am feeling grateful for a lot of things. Amongst an ornery Taleah today, I still feel blessed. I feel an overwhelming sense of peace regarding this bone marrow transplant.

We have a lot to be grateful for. 


  1. What an awesome experience. Your whole family is in our prayers!

  2. Wow what a neat experience! It made me tear up just thinking how special Taleah is to her Heavenly Father and what a great church he has built on the earth for all His children :-)

  3. I love so much that you all had this amazing experience!

  4. I'm bawling as I read this. You guys are so AMAZING! Love you and we'll keep the prayers coming.

  5. I just stumbled upon this blog one day and have been following along. Praying for your sweet girl and your family.