Friday, May 2, 2014

Millie's Princess Foundation Run

It all started with Miss Millie. We just wanted her family to focus on their fight with childhood cancer… not the financial fall-out from medical and peripheral expenses.
Therefore our sole purpose is to raise millions of dollars to help families who have children just like Millie… royal children who need to know that the fairytale is still alive.  Millie battled leukemia for half of her life and during that time she made every effort to make sure those around her knew that she loved them. At 7 yrs old sweet Millie took her last breath and we promised that we would always look to her as our example of service, and bringing hope to her cancer fighting friends. In Millie's honor we present to you the First St. George Millie's Princess Run. You can read more about Millie and the foundation here

Millie's Princess Foundation would like to introduce the star of this years St. George run, Princess Taleah Stevenson.

Taleah was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia at the age of 2.  She underwent chemo, and many other treatments at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. After two years of treatment she celebrated and looked forward to the life of being cancer free. Being only four years old she was excited to become a little girl again and do all the things little girls do that she had been missing out on. After only five short months of her body being free of chemo she was told the cancer was back. Telling a five year old they had cancer usually wouldn't crush them because they have no idea what cancer is and no idea what is coming. Taleah knows!!! She been there done that. Now, not only does she have to do all the chemo again, but this time around it's a lot more aggressive. She will not be spending much time at home. She is confined to the small little hospital room at Primary Children's for 28 days at a time with small week or so breaks in between. She also has to undergo radiation and have a bone marrow transplant. Both of which are very hard on her little body. Knowing all this, she was devastated when driving in the car to Salt Lake her parents broke the news to her. A little girl shouldn't have to have cancer once, let alone twice. She was silent the rest of the 5 hour drive.

Taleah has finished her first round of chemo and is gearing up for the next step in her treatment. She has had good days and bad days. She is still one amazing little princess and she will beat this cancer again. She is a fighter with one spunky little personality.

 Taleah's family is right there with her fighting.  This may be Taleah's physical battle but cancer affects everyone around Taleah.  Her family is absolutely amazing!  Taleah has a little brother who is 3 yrs old and full of energy.  She also has 5 month old twin brother and sister (little sister is Taleah's bone marrow match).  So you can imagine what a strain this has put on their little family.  Once Taleah has her bone marrow transplant she will recover in the hospital for a bit, but then they will release her with the instructions that she is not to leave Salt Lake for 100 days.  And the quality of housing she has to find has to be up to par with a bone marrow patient. (super clean)  Again, another situation that will take lots of adjustment.  If you know of anywhere for this family to stay let me know.  You can read more about Taleah on her blog Together for Taleah

We want the Stevenson's, like Millie's family, to focus on their fight with childhood cancer… not the
financial fall-out from medical and peripheral expenses.  In doing this Millie's Princess Foundation will be hosting their first St. George run at Desert Hills High School on June 7th starting at 8:00 am.  You can register here.

Dress up in your princess/prince attire and come show your support by running/walking in a 5K event.  There will be activities for the whole family, food, prizes, and lots of fun.  There are also shorter distances for the kids races which will be held after the 5K.

If you can not come, spread the word!  If you still want to help you can donate to the family by linking to their blog and clicking on the donation button.  You can like the facebook page, and share the event on your facebook page.  So there are lots of ways to help if you are not local or can not make it to the run. There is an offer from now until Friday, May 2 at midnight for $5 off your registration if you will share the info about the run with all your friends.  Just enter "share" at checkout.  So jump in and help anyway you can.  Taleah needs your help, but most of all keep her and her family  in your prayers!!!  

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