Friday, June 27, 2014

Day +8 to +11

Day 8 was a hard one. She had a hard time keeping anything down. We couldn't figure out how to keep her comfortable. I think part of the problem was the fact that she was in a lot of pain and her body was reacting by throwing up. It was so sad. She was crafting with Susan and would stop to throw up and then continue on. She wanted to play so bad but it was a challenge. It's really too bad that she doesn't like to watch movies because she could easily do that in bed without exerting too much energy. She slept almost the entire day because we added in Ativan for the nausea. However, due to the amount of sleep during the day we were up until 1:00am. I didn't want to make her go to bed because she was having such a "good time".
Day 9 was a lot better. The energy was much better but she was quite emotional. It is hard for me to discipline the emotion she is showing. It is quite a rollercoaster for her and I feel bad for the people she is taking it out on. I am trying to be patient but I think the lack of sleep is getting the best of me. Cami was also able to stop by for a minute and Taleah loved it. Even though she is not herself, she enjoyed it more than most people understand.
Day 10 was a play date with Cami. Taleah was very excited! Every time she woke up in the middle of the night, she continued to ask me how much longer until she could see Cami. I think the fact that Cami understands and has been through it, means a lot to Taleah. I don't fully understand so I think it is very therapeutic for her to have someone to relate to. Even at 5 years old.
Taleah has a doll that she is able to do procedures on. She decided that she needed a bone marrow transplant as well and she wanted to wait for Cami to help her.

 Despite the way she felt, she was still able to have a good time and didn't want them to leave. Cami was a great sport because she is 3 years older but is still able to make Taleah feel special. We played some tricks, painted and had some fun.
Cami's (and Chelsea) compassion and kindness means more than she will ever know.
Slade was sick the week of transplant. I haven't seen him for SO long and I miss him like crazy. As if only seeing him for an hour day was bad enough... now I haven't seen him at all for 12 days. He is being well taken care of and a little spoiled. I have to keep him away for a bit longer. And even though it kills me, it is better to keep him from the twins and Taleah to prevent horrible things from happening.
Day 11 has been rough. She slept until 12, woke up for a bit and experienced some pain. She slept again from 1:30-3:30. We have put oxygen by her because she is having a hard time keeping her O2 saturation up. I guess this is expected but it is hard to watch her sleep and need assistance to breathe adequately. She is SO swollen and puffy. Her eyelashes have fallen out this time and she just looks so sick. I kept hearing that 11 days out was hard and I can now confirm that is totally is. She has slept most of the day (fit in time to do crafts with Susan) and complained of feeling crappy. One of her lines has a clot and we are working to get rid of that to prevent further complications. Her temp is also reading a little higher than usual, but not a fever.
It has been wonderful to have family care for the twins so that I can continue to nurse them. It has also been wonderful for Taleah. She usually lights up when they come in the room. It's beneficial for all of us. I know it is a major sacrifice for our families and we appreciate it SO much. I feel like I can kind of be a mom to these munchkins.
These babies love her and she loves them. I am sure some of these tender moments are some that we will cherish forever.

Her WBC went up to 0.2 on Day 10 and then back down to 0.1 on Day 11. We were hoping that it was a good sign but now I am not sure. I wait for those labs every morning and pray that something is happening. Something good.
We will keep moving forward and hope for some miracles. She is working so hard and I am hoping that it will pay off.

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