Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 3

Wow.. it has been 3 days. Technically 4 since we had the diagnosis. It seems like it has been so much longer.

Taleah did pretty well on Day 3. She was still whiny when we did the vitals. However, she did watch a few of the times and not say a word. One of the nurses said, "We are just giving your straw a little drink." That went over well and has stuck. Thank you Becky!

She did have another blood transfsion due to her low number of blood cells. Also, her platelets were low but were waiting until the next day to do them. She received lots of treats, animals and presents. She was in heaven as far as that goes. She has had lots of visitors come to see her and she has loved most of them as well. Treena and Kaelee have been extra great. They had some serious dance moves going on and Taleah got a kick out of that.

The moms were right...they said she would "get used to it". I didn't think she would and part of me hates that she has to. But she has and I guess I am grateful for that. It is a little challenging to move around with that dang pole. And I swear we got one that is extra hard. We have seen better ones wheeled around the hospital :)

Basically, we had lots of labs drawn, vitals taken, lots of pee trips, and lots of medicine taken. We were able to go outside for a short while. She loved it but wanted to play in toys that she would not fit through due to the pole. And we were trying to adjust to our new way of life...sanitizing everything! We couldn't quite move fast enough and there were 4 of us working on it. I hear that sanitizing will become easier too!

I think I can tell the steroids are already kicking in. I was told it will slightly change her personality, lots of mood swings, increase in appetite and VERY irritable. Yep, pretty sure that is already here. But it's ok and I will be patient. It's just the steroids!

attempting the indie face

I think I was somewhat numb today...kind of. I didn't cry near as much. I didn't breakdown a whole lot. I was doing what I was taught and going through the motions to make sure I had it down. I only had a few real moments. One of those moments was when a sweet mom stopped by with her 3 year old son who has ALL. She walked in and introduced her son saying, "Mathew, this is Taleah. She has cancer like you." A punch in the gut, but much needed. Taleah has cancer, but so do many other children and they are doing great. It was nice to see this cute boy who had just received his treatment. He was boucing of the walls and ready to play. Another real moment was talking about her losing her hair... and how to go about it. Man...she will still be beautiful. I think it is more so the way people will look at her. They will know she is really sick. Sounds dumb now that I wrote it down... but it's the way I feel. I guess it relates to the way some people have reacted when they see her. They try to hold it together but it is hard. But when people see her and breakdown, it freaks her out. She doesn't quite understand what is happening, but seeing people cry makes it worse. She knows that things obviously aren't right. She will show some people her "Special Button" with a smile and then explain that her "mecinin" goes in her button. She has been such a trooper and I know I keep saying that, but I am amazed at her strength.


  1. She must be doing so awesome! Chase's ANC was so low in the beginning (and most of the time still is) that they didn't even let us leave our room. When we did he had a mask on and let's be honest, what two year old wants to wear a mask? Is her ANC staying pretty high? You guys are adjusting so well. I am so glad she got to go outside. That is huge when you are living in a 10x10 room. You are one awesome mom. Taleah is lucky to have such a strong mom!

  2. Tosha...I love all the little words that describe Taleah at the top of the blog:)by you her strong cheerleader and comforter. She is blessed to have such amazing parents, family and friends. I have loved reading your blog and how you write about your love of being a mom, it is written in every post, as you have so beautifully documented their every success. I admire you tons for all that you have already accomplished! You can do hard things!! I too have ached for my children at times because of things they have had to endure, things I didn't think even I could endure. I found that with hope and patience my darkest moments were moments when my faith grew strongest and I was touched by many little miracles and tender mercies. I know you will be too!!

  3. So proud of how well your holding this all together Tosh and she is so strong. She is seriously SO STINKING BEAUTIFUL and will be with or with out hair!! I can not begin to comprehend what all your going through. But you are such a great example of strength and many other things.

  4. Be strong and everything's going to work out. Its just going to be a speed bump in life. My wife and I have been talking about you guys over the last few days and old memories have been brought up with her battle of cancer. She went through a lot of what Taleah is going and will go through at a young age. Everybody sounds positive and supportive and it looks like you have a lot of good people surrounding you. Stay strong