Monday, September 12, 2011

Added Bonus

Aunt Grammy came to play.

It was so good to see Taleah smile and talk like her normal self. It has to be the best therapy for Taleah. I loved watching. A lot! And it was a nice break. I even got to walk outside for 10 minutes and enjoy the fresh air. She seriously walked into the room just as the picture shows. She said she got some looks, but who cares as long as Taleah is smiling! She brought toys, purses, dress ups and stuff to "shop" with. Heaven!
Taleah decided that this was worth getting up and walking around for. Yay!
Hoping tonight is better than the last.
Also hoping that we get another negative culture and it stays away.
Hoping that good news is coming our way!!!


  1. It's amazing what a little laughter can do for your soul. Glad "Aunt Grammy" could come and lift both of your spirits. A great way to the end the day. Hoping tonight is a good night.

  2. Tosha love your blogs love that you can see blessings amongst this trial. She has been on our minds alot and i love to hear Michael pray for her. I can help if you ever need anyone to watch Slade, overnight what ever you need. Its just me and Michael here and i am always home. I know you are surrounded by your awesome family who helps tons. But if ever you are in a pinch i am here and very serious. I think Trevor would appreciate it because i am grandbaby hungry and i know they are not ready yet :-). Treena is awesome love her out fit.

  3. LOVE Treena!! I am so glad she is able to make both of you so happy!