Monday, September 26, 2011

Big Day

We drove up to SLC on Sunday evening. We left at 4pm, she slept from 4-7:30pm, we arrived in Draper at 8pm. We stopped at noodles & company to get some dinner. We went into the bathroom because she had to go to potty right then. I took off her diaper and lined the toilet with a cover...she apparently didn't like that at all. She started screaming at the top of her lungs. I couldn't get her to stop. She then started peeing all over the floor... a ton.... there was nothing I could do. And there were no paper towels in the bathroom...figures. I called out to my mom to get her help. Now she was stadning in a puddle of pee, screaming and wanting nothing to do with me. Awesome. Even though we aren't "taking steroids", we are feeling them more than ever. Ahhh. SHe ended up calming down and was in total heaven when we arrived at Treena's. She played and played, then ate and played and ate some more. Kind of comical when she eats something that itsn't her "norm" at home because my mom and I hold our breath to see if she accepts or is going to freak out. Funny...but not. So stressful. Especially when you are at someone else's house trying to avoide the major meltdowns. When I was convincing her to go to bed she said to me, "If I wake up, where I gonna go?" I was speechless. I said, "In the car." She then replied, "Where we gonna go in the car?" She is too smart and I think she knew, but I just avoided the question and changed the subject. She would have had anxiety all night and not gone to sleep.

She ended up going to bed at 11:45. She slept ok and didn't wake up when we did her antibiotics. She wasn't thrilled when I woke her up, but she didn't freak. I think she may have known that she had no choice. We arrived, waited, waited and waited. I had some questions about the port and where they were going to place it. They informed me that they weren't going to take out the PICC line in the OR and were going to leave it in for some blood draws in clinic. I wasn't thrilled but oh well. Along with that, I didn't know where they would put it because it was on the left side last time and she has the PICC in the right. I guess I am not the doctor and they know what they are doing.

Here I am, in the waiting room again. Waiting for the news...with all of the anxious parents. Seems like I have done this a lot... 4 times in the last month. Sucks. Prayers, prayers, prayers. She will do great I just know it!


  1. Thoughts and prayers coming your way today!!! Go Taleah

  2. Tosha, I have been thinking about you all and praying constantly. I am sure your little toughie will do great! Lots of love coming your way
    Nurse Heather

  3. I've been thinking about you all day! I hope all goes well! Waiting for good news!

  4. Thinking about you today! Hope all went well and hope to see you tonight! Drive safe..((hugs))

  5. I've been thinking about your family all last night and today. I can't wait to hear all about the benefit and the good news from today.
    Love, Jenni-Ohio

  6. The concert was very nice tonight. Hope all her numbers come back great from her tests! I'm sorry about the restaurant bathroom experience - not fun for you!!