Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 28

She pretty much wanted nothing to do with me today. Anytime I tried to talk to her, looked at her...or was even in the room she yelled at me. Again, I want to blame it on the steroids. She wasn't as happy today unless she was with certain people. This month has been all about keeping her happy and doing whatever it takes. Some think it's crazy, but until you experience it first's crazy not to give them what they want. I fully plan on implementing a schedule/discipline once the steroids wear off. I will probably give it 5 days. Nothing crazy but some routine/schedule in her life will be great again.

She slept at the Stevenson's last night and tonight she is staying at my parents. I hate feeling like I am not being her mommy, but I stick around as long as I can and then let her go to sleep with them. They are all willing to wake up to do the antibiotics and deal with the night time meltdowns. I wish she would want to sleep at home. I wish she wanted me. But she doesn't...and hasn't for this last week espcially. Still breaks my heart...makes me feel inadequate. BUT it's all about her and what is making her happy at this point.

Scott just took her last dose of steroids (for a while) over to my parents. Oh my heck! I can't believe we made it through the first 28 days. It seems like it's been FOREVER. And I even had help from family. Now if we can just make it through Monday with no hiccups that would be even better.

Side Note... She told me, "Mom, I have a baby in my tummy! Look (as she lifted up her shirt), it's a big baby!!" I laughed so hard. Too funny.

Brielle (her cousin) said, " I love Tia's big cheeks. She has big cheeks."

I have been trying to slide in a few comments about the hair and Leukemia. She isn't getting it and I am not sure she likes the idea of it. She is shedding a lot. It still looks like she has quite a bit, but it's coming fast. I am hoping to make it last until next weekend so we can have family picures taken....hope we can make it work. If not, oh well! After pictures I think we will cut it short and then maybe buzz it... not entirely sure yet. I will keep talking to her and see if she can make a decision...oh the thought makes my tummy hurt.


  1. You are an inspiration to me every day when I read your posts. I wish I could take your pain all away. You are such a good mom to do just what you need to for each circumstance. I will continue to pray for you and your sweet Taleah.

    PS As a side note, whenever my mom or my husband have been on steroids, the first few days off them completely are the hardest, but then they start feeling normal soon after. Hang in there.

  2. SHE IS DONE WITH STEROIDS!!!! That is great! Goddluck tomorrow! We are praying for everything to go smoothly and to be okay. Much love!

  3. Yay for no more steroids!!! :) Good luck tomorrow and we'll keep on praying for everything to go smoothly. Love you guys.

  4. That's great that there will be no more steriods. I will be praying for you that tomorrow goes as planned. I'm sorry for her hair. I can't imagine how hard that is to have to think about what to do. You're always are in my prayers.

  5. Yay for no more steroids!! Good luck today! I hope everything goes smoothly!!

  6. Once her hair goes you will think it is weird when it comes back because you get used to her with no hair. One little bit of advice. Once she loses her steroid weight and after her hair is all gone you HAVE to have professional pictures taken. You will regret it if you don't. I have just a few of chase and I wish I had more professional ones because they are really sooo cute bald. Sounds weird, but they wont be bald forever. Her hair will come back and you will miss her SOFT little bald head :) there were times I was temped to shave his head because I liked him bald. I also think it makes people aware that they are sick and they are more careful with them (germs and stuff). Once their hair comes back you have to remind people not to touch and to wash hands. It may be a little harder with a girl instead of a boy, but all my friends with little girls have said the same thing. They miss their little bald heads!!!

  7. We don't know each other but out husbands do and I have been keeping up on your blog/life since I heard about this. Tonight I was talking to my little boy as we were getting ready for bed and told him to pray for Taleah. I told him a little bit about her and showed him some pictures. He too said, "she has cute big cheeks" :)
    We are praying for your cute family! You are a very strong woman as well as your sweet little girl!