Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 23

Taleah had a sleepover at the Stevensons. They said she was great. Woke up to potty at 1am, medicine and eating at 2am and then Grandpa woke them up at 7am to get ready for the day. I showed up and she was happily eating cafe rio and had taken her medicine. (I didn't have to do it.. yay!)

We got dressed and headed for Marsden's office. She cried when I told her where we were going. Once we were, there she did pretty well. Then I told her we had to head over and see nurse Heather and she cried again. Once we were there, she did pretty well. She did have a minor meltdown over crackers and cheese. Food is taken very seriously and must be just right! She did love nurse Heather though. She talked about her quite a bit once we left. :)

The Vincristine went well. Only took about 15 minutes to infuse. Here are some of the stats.

Weight 34.5 pounds (gain of 4.5 pounds)

WBC 6.9

Hct 24.4 (pretty low...need to watch)

Plts 301 (almost doubled)

ANC 2800 (highest since diagnosis)

Taleah wanted Slade to match her. Bracelet on one arm and pink bandage on the other. I guess she didn't want him to be left out. Glad he is a good sport!

I have to take the happy moments when I can take them. I seem to always put the "happy" pictures on here, but there are not so happy times. I am just trying to embrace the good times and remember those. However, I will be real.... some moments I want to rip my hair out, cry or just punch something. I know it's not her, but I want my baby girl back. That being said, she still has a sense of humor and I love it. She is obsessed with people being stinky. :) Just ask those who are constantly referred to as "stinky" (Tavia, Jace, Tanner, Tay Tay, Izzy, Trevy, ect).

She has been wanting to hold him. He is almost as big as her. They are both chunky and I love it. Her cheeks and double chin are hilarious. LOVE IT! Pretty much to get a picture of them both smiling. Too cute though.

She still has no desire to go home. I think she spent a total of 2 hours at our house yesterday. I can't figure out why she never wants to be here. I am not sure if it's the fact that the ambulance picked us up here and spent some time inside the house..and the nurses come here... and we have had some rough moments. I can't pin point the problem, but just doing my best to keep her happy. What a challenge that is!


  1. Haha, her cheeks and double chin are SO cute! It reminds me of when I used to watch her as a baby. Your kids are absolutely adorable!
    We pray for you guys all the time. Your family is so strong! If you ever need anyone, I am always a phone call away!!!

  2. I can't get enough of her cheeks! She is a doll!

  3. She's still as beautiful as ever and those cheeks just give you more to love! Glad today went fairly well. Hope tomorrow is even better.

  4. Hi, my name is Jenni from Ohio. I just wanted to tell you that you're a GREAT mom. Your kids are both cutie pies. I love to see the pictures of her smiles. You're a strong mother to endure this as well. You are always in my prayers.

  5. WOW! Look at those cheeks! How can you not love that face!! I am glad that everything went well today! I am happy that you were able to sleep and take time for yourself need it if you expect to stay healthy! Keep smiling!

  6. Wow! Your little ones have the most gorgeous smiles, it is obvious where the got them!!! I missed your update today. I'm glad you got some much deserved sleep:) Love the picture of Taleah holding her brother. PRICELESS!! I am going to be out there cheering you on come October. If you ever want to go for a run give me a call:)

  7. Your babies are so ADORABLE!! My girls and I have been following your blog closely and cheering for Taleah! We missed your update and hope it's not cause of a setback. Lots of prayers from Arizona!