Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 26

She slept at my parents last night. They said she really did great this time. My mom said they didn't actually fall asleep until 11pm because Taleah just layed there and was chatting with her for quite some time. I can imagine that deep down she probably loved that. It's almost as if our parents have become young parents again. We feel so lucky that are willing to help out so much. They are the kind of parents that we hope to be. They sacrifice time, money, sleep and so much more to help us however they can. It makes this that much easier.

She had a pretty good day. She (and Slade) were with my parents until 12pm while I worked at the hospital. We had a dressing change with nurse Jeanette. She cried.. a lot. Jeanette thought she did great though...maybe cause we didn't have to hold her down. Still broke my heart when she cries and says, "No Mommy, please Mommy." I am not sure if that gets any easier.

She had a play date with Chloe for about an hour. We figured that her counts were high enough that Chloe could come inside. They played kitchen and ate food on the front steps. It was pretty funny because we kept making them sanitize every 5 minutes. They both fell in love with the wipes that a sweet family sent us. They both ended up carrying multiple wipes around...wiping down the toys they touched, their hands, feet, ect. We laughed and thought that it was the perfect play date. Not your typical play date, but the kind that will become typical around here.

She initially said she wanted to sleep at home tonight, but ended up choosing the Stevensons. I wonder if she will ever want to sleep here again. After the steroids... I keep telling myself that!

The anxiety is getting worse as Monday is getting closer. I am not sure if I will live the rest of my life like this...anxiously awaiting each check up, RTU visit, surgery, results...can't be healthy. Maybe time... let's hope.

We will just keep praying...pretty much all we can control.

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