Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Consolidation- Day 17

Taleah now has a "boyfriend". Well, she has for a few weeks now. She talks about him quite often... and calls him a lot... blows him kisses... and requests extra bandaids for him every time we leave clinic. She says, " I will put it on Jace's hairy chest!" (and then laughs really loud) He was my lifesaver during "seroid mode". He came home a lot for lunch because it was the only thing that made her happy. Seriously. I owe him big time.

This particular day (below) they put bandaids on their noses... and then she wouldn't take hers off for 5+ hours. Seriously.

She has been able to go to a few of the football games that daddy coaches. They let us sit on the track in lawn chairs (away from everyone). She LOVES it. A LOT. This time she wanted to dance on the field by herself. Hmmm. After half time, she wanted pictures with a lot of the cheerleaders. She had no problem standing down there, posing for pictures... in front of everyone. Pretty cute.

She loves "Maddy Sonj"!!

Cabin Time

It was great to get away. It wasn't too cold (thankfully). Taleah and Slade LOVED riding the rhino. We actually got some naps out of it. She enjoyed a 15 min ride and then trip to the "store" to pick out a treat. She asked Gramps so nicely that he couldn't refuse.

I loved looking at the cabin to see all cars sporting Taleah's sticker. She loves it too.

The second highlight of the trip may have been Tavia's birthday cake. We used it for some bribery... and it worked.

We had some serious posing going on. Again, another one of Taleah's favorite things. I love it too. She has some spunk. Guess she has some good teachers.

She has been receiving some cute hats lately. A lot of homemade ones that are ADORABLE. We appreciate it so much. They are all cute with hair and will be cute without hair.

I must say that these 2 have a cute relationship. She can make Slade laugh like no one else... and she can make him cry better than anyone. It melts my heart when she is so concerned about him. (whether he bonks his head or needs his mommy) There are times that she doesn't want me to help/tend to him, but for the most part she loves that boy.

Slade had his check up this morning and Taleah couldn't come. She said to Slade, "Be brave buddy. It will be ok." I about cried.

She was very concerned when we got home. She kept asking how he did. I told her that he was awesome. She kept telling him, "Good job buddy!"

It's kind of crazy because I am reluctant to say that things are going ok around here lately. (minus the stupid medicine.. she threw it up everywhere last night...can't find a solution) She is much more back to normal. I feel like I am going to jinx myself. I know it is dumb to live like that. I think that way though (sometimes). And then I even think if things are good it means that something bad is going to happen. Again, I know that is dumb. I will still focus on being positive.

Positive things...

I found out that we will most likely be able to do 3 of the 5 visits (in the next phase) down here(as long as she isn't having major side effects from the chemo). I am so happy about that.

Slade's surgery(tomorrow) just happen to fall on the Thur before I DON'T have to go up to SLC. I will be able to be home with him all weekend. I can focus on taking care of him because we don't have any appointments for Taleah until Halloween. Crazy how that all happened. (it was scheduled before Taleah was diagnosed)

Not to go away from the positive... but I am really nervous for his surgery. You would think I would be a pro at this point. I am having some anxiety even thinking about leaving my baby in the OR to go under anesthesia. I know so many brave moms that do it/have done it. I am still nervous. Maybe a few extra prayers his way tonight/tomorrow would be great. I sure ask for a lot!

Keep focusing on the positive.

I think that might be the only way to make it through something like this.


  1. That is really cute that she was so worried about Slade! Siblings are the greatest! We will keep Slade in our prayers. Good luck, love you!

  2. I will be praying for Slade. They are two cute kids. I love all of Taleah's poses. They are so funny at that age. My three year old has funny faces that she likes to make in her pictures. Kids are wonderful and they have a way of making us laugh when we really need it. Best of wishes for your family.

  3. She's so cute with him.. hopefully it lasts thru their teenage years ;) What does Safe have to get surgery on? I can completely see why you feel so much anxiety.. I think you're all doing so great! She's an AMAZING little girl!

  4. I love her poses, and that hat is adorable! Praying for you guys in every prayer! :)

  5. LOVE the pics of the kids together. I laughed when I read the part about Taleah being able to make Slade both laugh and cry harder than anyone else cuz that is exactly the way it is with Bri and Jett. Sorry you have to go through Slades surgery on top of everything else. he will def be in our prayers too! Love you guys.