Thursday, October 20, 2011

Surgery Again- Slade

As I mentioned before, Taleah was very concerned about Slade's surgery. She continued to ask me a lot of questions. As we were getting ready this morning, she said kept telling him to be brave. When I told her that he would have a bandaid on his weeny (sorry for the terminology but that's what we call it), she got teary eyed. She said, "I don't want my brother to have a bandaid. I don't want him to have surgery." I wanted to say, "Me too!" But I didn't, I assured her that he would be just fine. Talk about ripping my heart out. I became even more anxious. (I guess it appears as though I am an anxious person)

(Side Note...Slade was born with hypospadius-pee hole on the bottom of his weeny vs. the tip. They were "re-routing" him and then finishing with his circumcision...great terminolgy)

I thought that I would be a pro at this, but I am still not. I kept thinking negative thoughts and then tried to push them away with positive ones.

The way that Taleah reacted melted my heart. She knows way too much about this particular world and she didn't want him to suffer. Talk about love. So sweet.

When we arrived at the hospital, I was on the verge of tears. I was by myself because my mom kept Taleah and Scott was at work. Sandee (mother-in-law) came right as I was checked in. I just kept thinking that this was all too familiar and I shouldn't have to put another child through this. I had a lot of negative things going on. I was trying to be positive though. It helped that we knew a lot of the people. When Scott showed up it put me at ease a little because he could get the scoop from everyone. But, I felt like I had to hold it together because we knew a lot of people. I couldn't be the crazy mom that can't get it together.

It's so dumb, but when the surgeon explained that 1 out of 10 ending up having to have an additional step in the procedure... and giving me the rare thing that can happen....I automatically assumed that would be us. I had so many negative things going through my head. I don't know what my problem was. And I was a nervous wreck. Not sure why... I have done this a time or two.

Everything worked out fine. He did great.

He woke up sad/whiny (just like Taleah). I got puked on. I knew the drill.

Looking back on the day, we are lucky that he was able to get the surgery today when I don't have to leave on Sunday for PCMC. I have to go in to Marsden on Monday to get his stent removed (I am usually at PCMC). My work was flexible of when I get my additional 4 hours that I missed today. Some good things came of this.

I took pictures of his bandaid light, blood pressure cuff, IV, and gown for Taleah. She LOVED it. I think it made her feel normal. She recited the terminology of each picture...over and over again. She kept asking how he did. She is VERY concerned about his bandage. She is being extra careful with him... I think she can tell he is in pain.

Good thing I am funding these hospitals :)

Keeping the job security of the IHC workers (including myself).

I feel a little bit better about things. Taleah is going great right now and enjoying the last half of consolidation. Hoping it continues that way because I don't want extra doctor/hospital visits.

Thinking positive!


  1. I couldn't believe it when I saw Slade had to go to surgery too. You have a right to be anxious. I'm glad it went well for him. And he still has that adorable smile. Your babies must be well loved. Best of luck to you. Lots of prayers for all of you.

  2. I love that Taleah is so compassionate towards what Slade is going through. so sweet. you have some tough babies. I think everyone would understand if you have a few crazy mom moments now and then, I'm amazed how strong you are. We are always praying for you guys.

  3. I just can't get over how cute your kids are! And don't worry, I think anyone in your situation would be anxious too! You have every right! I'm glad Slade's surgery went well. You guys are always in our prayers!!

  4. I'm so glad that Slade's surgery went well. I would be very anxious too. I'm a worrier. Your kids look so much alike. They are to cute. I love the picture with the surgery hat on Slade's head. Very cute.
    Always thoughts and prayers coming your way.
    Love, Jenni-Ohio

  5. He is such a doll.. My friends two twins had this same thing.. and they had surgery the same day. Maybe you seen her there.I'm so glad everything went well for you. Hang in there girl :)