Sunday, October 9, 2011

Solution for 6MP

Rob (father-in-law) decided to try having her chew the 6MP(oral chemo) inside a sour watermelon. I wasn't sure on the taste of this pill, but I do know the Spetra is so bitter. She did it though...twice. It only takes about 10 minutes of convincing, but she gags it down. Hey..if it works...great! I am dreading the Septra this week (which is twice a day on Mon and Tue). I can't decide if I should try and let her chew it (it's NASTY) or crush and mix with chocolate... decisions. We have been practicing swallowing mini m&m's and tic tacs. Not very successful. We will keep trying and PRAYING for her to figure it out soon. :)

She has been sleeping much better. Not loving naps, but still trying to get them in here and there. She is acting much more like herself and I LOVE it. She is full of attitude!!! Not always good, but better than sick and tired.

Anxiety... I can't help but be anxious of the unknown and the phases that are to come. Talking to people that have been through it helps, but I know every kid is different. I have got to figure out a way to not live my life like this... it's not fair to my family and it just might make me crazy!

Side note... a cute cancer friend (Brinley 5 yr old) came by to meet Taleah. It was SO great to meet someone and talk to them about their experience. She has almost been done with treatment for 1 year. What an inspiration. Taleah hasn't stopped talking about her. She keeps saying ," Brinley came to my house. I love her!"


  1. We struggled with getting Alexis to swallow a mediction that she has to take daily. It was such a frustrating battle and nothing seemed to work. One day she tried taking it with soda pop and it went right down! She has never had a problem swallowing ever since. So try soda! It might work! =)

  2. One thing that worked for us to help our kids learn how to swallow medication was putting the pill in some yogurt. We practiced first with a M&M in the yogurt. Yogurt is something they don't chew so it is an automatic thing to swallow. You mmay want to give it a try.

  3. Medicine has always been a battle. I say if you find something that works then you are doing pretty darn good. Glad she is acting like herself. She's got quite the spunky personality for a 2 year old. I love it.