Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Interim Maintenance- Day 17

Things have been better the last few days. We have gone 2 days without any pain medications. That is huge! I am hoping today will be another day like that. She is so much more sassy when she is feeling better. She is been kind of naughty the past few days (running from me, attitude and lots of teasing). Sad to say that I am grateful for the naughty girl at my house... means she is feeling pretty good. Just in time to have chemo again. :)

Hazel approached us to do a short story/interview about this journey. I totally forgot about it until she reminded me a few hours before (I was at work). My mom and Taleah headed to my house to get her ready. And she wanted to practice. It was hilarious.

(had to document how long her hair is before she loses it all... but it will grow back)

She was all about posing while waiting for "the interview".

I had to do most of the talking, but grammy was able to say a few words as well.

After the interview... she was pretty proud of herself and wanted a few more pics...surprise!

I was proud of Taleah and how well behaved she was (for an almost 3 yr old). I love when she acts like her normal self (other than we can't go many places). I am dreading/wanting the next dose to come. Mostly just want to get these hard months out of the way.

I am excited for the holidays, but not because it won't be the same as usual. We hate missing out but we will do what we have to in order to keep her healthy.


  1. she is too cute! i so don't know how you do it, lex got hand, foot, and mouth last Thursday.. which is contagious so we have been stuck in the house most days.. and she cant play with kids.. im hopefully going to let her tom. but I so know what you mean now about having to be careful who she is around.. except its kinda a different situation but i get somewhat of what its like in that aspect!

  2. Yea for her cute and sassy (and sometimes naughty) personality to come back for a few days. Hopefully the next round of chemo will be a bit easier than it was the first time.

    I was reading this with Kaylee and she asked me who the girl was and I said it was Taleah. She's the little girl we pray for to get feeling better. She then proceeded to tell me how Taleah is her friend and she needs to come over to play. And I really like her pink boots. She's really pretty. Taleah's my friend mom. Come on let's go get Taleah. Ha ha ha, apparently next time I'm in St. George we'll have to come over and play sometime.

    Happy Thanksgiving!