Thursday, December 29, 2011

DI- Day 5

We were thrilled to have daddy go with us to PCMC. He has never been to clinic with us. However, clinic was closed so we had to be admitted as a "short stay" to receive the chemo. We arrived bright and early, in hopes to leave early and meet everyone at Brianhead for some fun. My parents kept Slade and would be meeting us there.

Checked in at 8am sharp. Accessed the port and waited...waited...and waited some more. After 2 hours had passed, I was getting antsy. The pharmacy was taking forever to bring the chemo up. Taleah was ready to go before the chemo had even arrived. Nice.

She did enjoy ordering some food. Luckily, we played all around the ICS. We did anything and everything to keep her busy. Some things worked.. and at other times she was ready to get out of there.

We ended up waiting 2 1/2 hours for the chemo to come upstairs. The nurse then gave me the option to infuse in 1 or 2 hours (1 can be safer but if I thought she would do fine then 1 hour would be fine). What a tough decision, but we went with 1 for the sake of Taleah. Then, they have to watch her for an hour after (the whole reason for driving all the way up). Man, I was exhausted. She did it though.

We didn't get a CBC or anything so we weren't sure on her counts.

It was a LONG 5 days. I wasn't prepared or ready for this. Again, she is one tough cookie!

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