Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Morning

Like I said, I was praying for a good morning. She slept like a rock. Both kids slept until 8am. We had to wake everyone else up.

We waited for everyone to come up and eat a yummy breakfast. Taleah and Slade were so cute and I was thrilled that she was actually happy. YAY!!!

Oh she loves him so much. I wish he understood. He just wants to know why I won't save him!!!

Getting ready to go downstairs and see what Santa brought. She was excited and could hardly wait. She did ok for a few pictures, but not too many.

She was so excited to see what Santa brought and I loved it. She is actually old enough to know what is happening this year. LOVED every second of this morning.

He was happy too... anything to play with was great.

I guess you could say Tay and Scott were loving her gift too... they may or may not play with it more.

Opening presents was a little overwhelming for her. At one point she told me, " I have too many presents, I don't want to open anymore." And I was nervous that she would suspect we went a little skimpier this year. Good thing!

My parents had church at 1pm. Taleah really wanted to go so we put a mask on and went. We sat in the back, wiped down the chairs and then ended up leaving half way through because she (nor Slade) wanted to sit still. I didn't want her roaming around. At least we had a little spiritual uplifting.

Scott didn't want to be in a pic... surprise!

Heavenly Father knew I needed an uplifting day. We enjoyed the day, she was happy, we were able to visit the Stevensons and gear up for the drive up north that evening. I wasn't excited to drive AGAIN and neither was she. Taleah did sleep half the way and went back to sleep when we arrived. The night was rough (thank you steroids). Not a happy ending to Christmas, but at least 3/4 of the day was pleasant!!

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