Friday, December 9, 2011

Interim Maintenance- Day 40

This was her last dose of methotrexate in this phase (interim maintenance 1). I was thinking that she would make counts. Nurse Jeanette came to our house and Taleah was SO brave. She didn't cry at all and she didn't even sit on my lap. We left her accessed so that it would be quicker in the morning. We also made an appt with Dr. Marsden that day because I had to work the next day she was supposed to get chemo so we had to hurry things right along. She loves seeing Dr. Marsden. He really is the greatest.

We had our chemo appt at 8am... but I was late and arrived at 8:15. I needed to be done by 10 because I had a patient for work. Nurse Heather was great and had everything ready. We were out of there by 9:50.

Nurse Heather surprised her with some cute presents for Christmas. She LOVED it. She has been talking about them every since we left. She even said she had fun at chemo when someone mentioned that they were sorry she had to go there.

It was bright and early and took her a while to wake up.

She has been doing pretty good (post 36 hrs). I have kept up on her medicine to prevent sickness from the chemo. Hoping it works again since they increased her dose again.

She loves playing pretend and going to school. We straightened her hair again because she loved the attention she got! :)

We had to get out of the house though. I am not sure how we are going to make it during the next phase when she will have REALLY low counts and we have to stay home almost all of the time. We headed to Raglan while the DHHS cheer team was practicing (sister practicing and mom helpign with tumbling). Taleah was in heaven!

Hoping that she will continue to handle the doses well. She has been pretty dang tough. I can tell that she doesn't feel great because she is on edge and really whiny. I would be too.

We do get a 2 week break because we don't go back up to PCMC until December 22. (if she makes counts) It will be the dreaded phase and more sedation. Yup, bring on the anxiety.

For now, we better enjoy what we've got.


  1. Oh Taleah, such a good girl. Still breaks my heart thinking about this but so glad she is so strong and doing good! You're amazing Tosh. Hope it only gets better and better for you guys.

  2. She looks so old with her hair straightened! Glad she is doing well.

  3. Oh she is such a cutie. Keeping you all in my prayers :)

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  5. She is SO tough! What a sweet girl! I love her hair straight!! Oh, and have I mentioned we are excited to see you guys? Less than 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hey I saw ya at the cheer competition and my heart just goes out to you!!!! You are so crazy busy!!! If their is anything I can ever do please let me know!!! You are awesome hang in there!!! You guys are in our prayers