Monday, December 12, 2011

Interim Maintenance- Day 44

We stayed up on the medicine again for days afer treatment and it seemed to make a difference. There was no throwing up, but there were a few headaches. You could tell that she didn't feel well and wasn't quite herself, but she was tough yet again. I had to go to SLC for a cheer comp on Sat so Scott stayed at his parents because that's where she was the happiest. We are so grateful for their help.

Now it's the 2 week break until the next treatment. An extra 4 days than usual. I am guessing that she will make counts, but I could always be surprised. She seems to be back to her normal self now. Naughty as ever :) It's crazy to say that I am grateful for the "naughty". ha

I love that these two fight/love like crazy. I looked back in the car and captured this. Too cute!

Again, I always say it but Slade is such a trooper. He just goes along with everything. It's a good thing cause we never know what is happening. Random everything. Such a good boy.

We have been out and about very little. I am just so nervous with this time of year. I don't want to risk her getting sick, but you can't stay cooped up every day... all day. I am trying to be cautious of where we go, when we go and what we do.

I am grateful for these kiddos. I am grateful for the endless support. We will just keep focusing on things we are grateful for.


  1. Your optimism touches me. Through all the rough you have the happiest sweetest kids and family. I am forever changed by following your journey. I'm glad she's feeling more like herself. It's the worst when they are sick and there isn't anything that helps. Keep the faith and the inspiration coming. We could all use some more of that. Love you guys!

  2. Tosha, I just want to pinch your little boy's cheeks! He is SO adorable!

    The picture of them holding hands in the car may be one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. That's really special, and I'm glad you caught it with your camera in time!

    Please ask any questions you have during DI. I was really scared, but it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. And for some reason, as soon as he hit DI, I felt like I could start to see the end of this. Maintenance is coming. You could count the weeks now. Spring will bring new life to both our houses, in more than one way. <3

    I think of you often, and Matthew and I talk about Taleah a lot. I hope all is well.


  3. She is a tough little girl and you're a tough mommy. She looks great. Slade is such a cutie pie as well. I love the hand holding. I just love those moments in my kids too. Priceless. I'm so
    happy that the medicine isn't making her sick. I pray every night for her. You both are doing a wonderful job. Hang in there.
    Love, Jenni-Ohio