Monday, January 16, 2012

DI- Day 26

She has done pretty well with the buzz cut. She has only said that she didn't like it one time. Other than that one time, I have heard, "I am so glad I buzzed my head cause now Slade can't pull my hair." She has said other things that make me smile because it would be so much harder if she hated it. She know she is still gorgeous. I see it as a sign of a fighter and an angel. What a babe.

She is becoming more herself and I am so glad. She is still having moments of rage and emotional breakdowns. She is still eating quite a bit... or thinking that she wants to eat a lot but then doesn't ever finish it anymore.

We went to the cabin for a little 24 hr getaway. It was supposed to be that way but Slade ended up with a fever and Scott ended up getting sick. Talk about stressful. I was trying my best to keep the kids away from Scott, but Slade away from Taleah. It was exhausting! I could do NOTHING for Scott because I had my hands full with the kids. We were looking forward to a "happy family weekend" but didn't work out that way. Taleah and I headed to the cabin on Sunday (Slade stayed with the Stevensons). Taleah also ended up staying the night with Grammy and Tabes and LOVED it. She thought she was so big! (I missed her)

It was nice to be able to spend some time with Slade for his birthday (and run a few errands). She LOVED that it was his birthday. She also got a kick out of Slade eating his cake.

She is big enough to hold him....

.....sort of.....

... he doesn't love it though...

She has been complaining of her head hurting a lot. Makes me feel so bad. The emotional breakdowns are the hardest though. Sometimes I feel like my heart is ripping in two. Tough girl though. We will have this week to recover and hopefully make counts for a PCMC visit next Monday.


  1. She's looking so good! Daph gets headaches sometimes, too. It is hard. If you make counts, we'll be at clinic on Monday, too! Daph would just love to see Taleah!

  2. She looks great! What a trooper!! I can't even imagine how hard it is when someone in your family gets sick! Happy Birthday to Slade!!!!!!

  3. how did i miss slades bday? happy late bday to him!!