Sunday, January 29, 2012

DI- Day 37

Lukcily, the remainder of the week went much better. Wednesday was a little challenging, but she was acting like a different girl. She wasn't screaming in pain... she wasn't throwing up... and I was so glad.

We had to do the remainder of the chemo at home. My dad came over and made sure I was doing it right. Taleah was great. She played with my phone while I gave her the zofran and then the chemo. We put the zofran through her port over 3-5 min and the same time frame for the Ara-C (chemo). She was dreading the day I had to take the "window" (tegaderm) off and pull the needle out. She would rather me pull the needle out than take her window off.

She was still having hatred towards our house. I don't know what it is. When she is not feeling well, she wants NOTHING to do with our house. Maybe it's all the people/distractions at the grandparents houses.

She always has "cheer practice" (pretend) at our house. We decided to take them to the new RCC gym and have "practice". They had a blast together. Their "focus" wasn't quite there, but they had fun and that's all that matters.

I am so glad that she is feeling/acting better. I hope it stays that way so we can have a fun birthday. I have NOTHING prepared because we had no idea what this week would bring.

She is a trooper just like I always say. She is SO excited for her birthday. She keeps asking me if today is her birthday. She is more excited for this than she was for Christmas. Pretty cute.

Oh and she is embracing her bald head. She loves it. I love it. To be honest, before diagnosis... I thought the "cancer kids" were cute with their bald heads. I thought they were precious, but part of you thinks... hmm they look a little different with no hair. It's just not the norm. Still totally cute, but different. After diagnosis, I thought other kids were pretty cute and it meant a lot more to me, but it still caught me off gaurd at times. Moms would always tell me that I would love it and miss it when her bald head was gone (and I wasn't sure if they knew me well enough because I didn't think that would be the case). Boy was I wrong. I love it. It took a few days to get used to, but I love holding her and rubbing that bald head. I love kissing that bald head. I think she is gorgeous and portrays a special spirit.. a fighter. I think it displays a degree of maturity and a brave soul. I WILL miss this bald head. Good thing I have a few more months of it!!

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  1. i think when you see a child with a bald head it means they are a fighter and shows you how much courage and strength they have