Monday, February 6, 2012

DI- Day 49

Stir crazy... maybe. It's ok though. We have fun. Slade is officially into everything, especially since he is walking. Makes for a fun house though.

Taleah has been feeling pretty good. We ended the 4 days of chemo at home. She did great with it. She didn't show any signs/symptoms that is was making her sick. I was glad that she was handling it well. She had the chemo pill to finish up on Sunday. I was feeling pretty good. DI hadn't been HORRIBLE... not great but not horrible.

Cooped up could be a way to describe it. I haven't dared take her anywhere because neutropenic (really low counts) was expected.

My grandpa Young and Casey were nice enough to come down and work on our backyard. Actually, they have done it all. They are amazing. The sandbox, patio, grass, sprinklers, play ares.... awesome. They have put in so much time and money. I have no idea how we are ever going to repay them.

The kids have been in heaven. Luckily, the weather has been nice. We try to make it outside every day for our "outing" of the day (that and Swig).

Taleah had a low grade fever(99) all weekend. I had a feeling it would lead to a fever/admittance, but I was praying that it wouldn't. Besides the fact we had no clue what her counts were. I should have fought for the CBC on Thursday to see where she was at because she technically already needed a transfusion. Crazy thing is... she played and played. All weekend.

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