Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Recovering- DI- Day 60

We have been trying to keep busy at home. Anxiously awaiting the CBC on Monday... hoping for good counts. If so, we would have a fun, half-way normal week.

We made cookies, played games, cooked dinner, went to swig... anything to keep busy.

There was even a burst of good weather among all the rain.

I don't mind being atuck at home all of the time when the two of these kids fight over loves from me. They were particularly good this day and I was totally ok with it!

When nurse Jeanette came, Taleah was SO brave. Not 1 tear!!! She was awesome. I was one proud mommy!

When the numbers came back...

ANC 1000

Plts 374,000

WBC 2.4

Hct 32

.. she opted for Pizza Factory. I gave in....

Valentines Day was a hit. Taleah loved it. All of the little surprises, treats and simply saying, "Happy Valentines Day!"

We decided it was ok to go to dinner with good enough counts. She wore a mask until we were seated. It was pretty fun.... Slade is just a hard age right now. Sitting still is really not an option. He was thrilled to be my date... can ya tell?!

We ended the date night with some Wii fun. It pretty much ended up with Scott and I battling (my competitiveness came out). The kids had fun and we enjoyed being a "semi-normal" family for a night.

I am trying to embrace this week because of her counts and the way she feels. After that fresh blood, she has been full of energy (even more so). We had some behavioral issues over the weekend. It's almost as if she is using cancer and being sick to her advantage. Things like, "Mom, I need to throw up (while in bed)!" I run in and then she tells me she needs a snack. Or she will request someone to sleep by her because that's what makes her feel better. Using a headache and needing special juice as a stalling tactic. Smart girl. I just don't want to enable her and let her get away with things because she has cancer. I don't feel like we would be doing her any favors by teaching her to use that as an excuse, accepting bad behavior because of her state. I know when she really isn't feeling well and I try to adapt and be the best parent I can. Mostly, I think these younger years are crucial and I don't want her to end up a brat. Sounds dumb I know.

BUT... this week has been pretty good. I'll take it. Gearing up for next week!

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