Saturday, March 10, 2012

IM- Day 19

Not knowing what her counts are is difficult. We want to be careful, but at the same time we want her to feel normal. We try and make wise choices and so far she has been pretty lucky.

Obviously, Taleah loves cheerleading/singing/dancing. We had a work meeting and she was able to tag along because we had just recieved news that her counts were ok. She was more than happy... and even better that her little buddy was able to come as well!

WBC 3.7

RBC 3.7

Hgb 11

Hct 32.6

Plts 214

ANC 1.6(1600)

Those numbers meant that we were good for chemo and good to go to the beach. Yay!

Not only did she get the chemo, but the dose was escalated again. The dose she recieved today was the same dose that she ended on in Interim Matinenace 1 (which was escalating as well). I think it was 300 mg/m2 (I think that is how you write it). I tried to read back and see how she felt at that time and all I could find was whiny/clingy/acting out. That explains the last week or so. I feel bad for not being as patient, but she has been a little more angry when acting out. No matter what... that is not ok. It is so hard to know where to draw the line, but I don't want her to learn bad behavioral habits. BUT if I were in her shoes I would probably be SO angry!!! Hoping I figure this out.

She had nurse Jason today and she loved him. It worked out great. We were in and out in 2.5 hours and she handled everything really great. Yes, she was antsy by the end. I was so proud of her though. Not one tear, a new nurse, new people and she was almost totally herself.

I am so glad that she is handling things so well. She really is a tough girl and I think she thinks this is normal life. She loves the attention she gets from people. Hoping it doesn't go to her head... JK! Thanks again for all of the sweet people we are surrounded by. Hoping she handles this treatment well and then 2 more (until maintenace..which is a whole new stress)!!! YAY!

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