Thursday, March 8, 2012

IM 2- Day 17

Not sure what happened to my blogging... it's been slacking. I guess we have been busy.

I am so glad Taleah and Slade have each other. They play and fight and play and of course fight. It's great when she can't play with anyone else and her only option is her brother... I secretly like it until they fight/scream.

She did great with her second dose of chemo in this phase. We did the routine (saw Dr. Marsden, had labs drawn and went to the peds floor for chemo). She loves Dr. Marsden but was crushed when nurse Heather wasn't there. She LOVES nurse Heather and not having her for chemo was an adjustment for Taleah.. BUT I think she will do just fine with Melissa and Jason.

Stats (from my memory)

ANC 1200

Hct 31

Plts 125,000

She even got to go with Mommy to watch her cheerleaders perform. She was in heaven.

We even took a trip to the mall. I know these things are germy but they are her favorite. Mask and hand sanitizer... good enough I guess.

We even got some cuddling in while watching cartoons. LOVE this!

The weather has been a lifesaver!! They love being outside and so do I. Yay!

Yep, eating snacks under the bed together. At least they are together right?!

Oh and late night Bachelor parties... don't worry Taleah had the iPad in her room to watch. She felt left out until I let her stay up and watch Netflix while we watched Bachelor.

Making messes.... oh yes. That's what they do best. When we are home bound it's the best thing to pass the time!

Chemo is schduled again for this Saturday. We saw Dr. Marsden today and will get counts tomorrow. She was so excited to go and she even got to see nurse Heather. It was a good day!

Praying that she makes counts to continue chemo this weekend. Cross your fingers!!!

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  1. What a cutie little girl, you are about 6 weeks ahead of us on treatment so it's nice to see what I have to look forward to, ha, ha. Keeping y'all in our prayers, Trish