Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Homecoming Date

 The homecoming date.... here is a little background. Scott coached football for Desret Hills High School this year. Taleah loved being around the boys and had a bond with some of them. She also looks up to my sisters and took part in every "preparation" for each dance. She went with Tavia to get her hair done, make up, watched her get her dress on and hear all about the dates. I am telling you that Taleah is a 16 yr old in a 3 yr old body (not always a good thing). She takes everything in and proceeded to say that she wanted to go to homecoming. I can't remember how Ty Rutledge found out, but agreed to "take her". Weeks later, she was diagnosed and everything changed. We still talked about it but I wasn't sure that it would ever happen because we were constantly gone and/or she was sick. Well.... it happened and she was so excited!! She seriously planned the entire thing. Poor Ty had to endure a real date. She told us, "I want to go to the park/splash pad, go ride the carousel and eat Cafe Rio for our day date. I want to wear a pretty dress and put make up on to get ready (she also wanted Julie to do her hair and then I reminded her that she didn't have any hair and then she laughed). She wanted Grammy to decorate the table and have dinner at her house. Then was the dance (at Raglan). And then ice cream at Krave after the dance. Oh wow. Yep, she decided that ALL on her own. She even packed a "bag" for the date with all of her essentials; sippy cup w/ water, chapstick, sunscreen, and a change of clothes.

 Yes, it's true. Scott and I tagged along (and Slade) for the entire date. I wasnt going to miss out. We asked her the night before if we could dress up and go. Her response, "You guys can't go to homecoming because you are already married. Just come in your work out clothes."

I told her she had to take a nap before we got ready. She was so tired and it was much needed. She was going to stay out late and we had to be up for church and nursery! Ha.

I can't even tell you how excited she was. She wanted everything to be like previous dances. I wish I would have videod her the entire day. It was so fun. We always make the girls walk down the stairs and she had no problem doing the same thing with 5 cameras and videos too.

Oh and a pose at the bottom.. no problem.
 (she picked out the high heels herself... I offered to buy cute, real ones but she insisted on these)

Slade was keeping watch. He sat outside the entire dinner listening in on the conversation.

Ty's mom Julie made the cutest flowers for the girls and boys to wear. Taleah thought it was the greatest thing ever. She didn't want to take it off.

She told the girls, "K it's time for a girls pic". Exact words.

She told the boys that the table was a surprise. My mom did a great job. It was too cute. We would walk out occasionally and she would be having conversations with them about the silliest things. I knew that she had started that conversatoin but they were great to go along with it.

We had the dance at Raglan. She had no problem taking charge and telling the girls what to do. She let the boys run around and play soccer/football. She only made them do a few things.

She picked her favorite songs and had the party going.

 My favorite was the slow song. She wanted to stand like everyone else... so they all compromised and kneeled down. It was the sweetest thing. 
The final activity was the ice cream. I could tell she was getting tired but she kept going. Mike showed up for the last little bit. (He was a part of the plan but ended up having to work) These kids were so cute to take 6 hours on a Saturday and dedicate them to her.

 She ended the night with a kiss on the cheek. I am not even joking when Taleah said (after Scott jokinly told her that there was no kissing boys), "I am going to put lip gloss on and kiss him on the lips!" I couldn't believe it and I have no idea where she heard that. I know she was just saying it to get a rise out of us (she is like her dad). When it came down to it, she was a little shy about giving him a kiss on the cheek. It was so cute.
This was a day I will never forget. She was happier than she has been in a long time. We weren't sure how she would be because she was practically on steroids still. Luckily, there were no outbursts. Maybe they worked in our favor. Such a sweet day and sweet group of kids. I hope they realize what a nice thing they did for Taleah. However, no more dates for her until she is older. She was lucky we made an exception.
Thanks again Tavia, Jace, Ty, Brandon, Abby, Mike, Kimberly and Bud.
(We also had help from some parents)
We feel so blessed.


  1. that is so awesome that a teenage boy would be kind enough to do that. theres not many that would. glad she had a very good time

  2. Seriously? That is the cutest thing ever! What sweet kids! Taleah looks SO happy!

  3. haha so cute and such good sports! seriously though, you are going to have your plate full as she grows up!! :)

  4. Those boys are so awesome! I think Taleah has taught them so much.

  5. So sweet. Something that none of them will ever forget.

  6. I'm so thrilled Taleah was so happy. That little girl deserves that happiness after all she's been through. Bless you, Taleah, and bless those teenagers who hung out with her all day!
    Best of Luck,