Friday, May 4, 2012

Relay for Life

 The Relay for Life was such a great experience. We have never been a part of one and we enjoyed every minute. It started with a dinner for the survivors and their caretakers. Delicious. The opening ceromonies followed with releasing the balloons and doves into the sky. Taleah and Chase were the prince and princess. They led the survivors in the walk. It was quite emotional. I was fighting back the tears the entire time! Taleah was the youngest cancer survivor there and then Chase was the next youngest. Luckily, Dani invited us and did all of the work for "our team". It was pretty much her team because they did it all. They even set up an extra tent where we ended up sleeping (it was not part of our plan). They pretty much rock. Thanks Prince family!

 Taleah was in heaven with all of the kids to play with. Slade made it a little challenging so we only had him there for a couple of hours.
 Chloe stopped by for some fun. They had no problem dancing in the middle of the field with all of the people.
 The lumanaries were awesome. Taleah had a great time decorating them. Her favorites were the ones for Chase and then for the cancer cuties. Pretty special.
 This was her first time sleeping in a tent. We brought her little air matress and she really slept great. Well, she was up doing zumba at midnight and playing hard until 1am. Yep, I said 1am. Crazy mom. She had a blast though. When she woke up in the morning, she asked me when the race for her and Chase was going to start. Ha. Poor girl thinks everything is about her and that it's totally normal.
We loved being a part of it. We are excited for our curesearch team in September. Curesearch donates 100% of their proceeds for childhood cancer research. Relay for Life is great but they only donate 3-5% to childhood cancer. I do agree that research for all cancers is important, but right now my focus is finding a cure for childhood cancers.
If you want to be a part of our curesearch team, go to It costs $10 and we will have an awesome team.

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  1. I love Relay for Life! Last year was the first year we did it and although we had some sour grapes from some of the hubby's - it was a great experience. I'm glad you guys got the opportunity to participate and Taleah had a good time :)