Sunday, June 10, 2012

Remainder of May- 1st cycle of maintenance

 I guess things have been fairly busy/boring and I haven't updated as often. Boring is good. Lots of playing/fighting/swimming/family time.

Her latest obsession is saying her testimony. The testimony rock is fairly popular and she challenged Tay Tay to his testimony. The look on his face was pricless and she reassured him that she would offer her help.

Dad still likes to sleep by her even though I am against it (when she is well). It's pretty cute though.

She has also LOVED being active with cheer and gymnastics. Let's just say that she will practice anywhere and everywhere. I am hoping that will keep her body going and experience less side effects.

May was a good month with fairly little sickness which was great. Grateful for health and we really mean that.

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