Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lake Powell- 1st cycle of maintenance

 Let's just say we were all very excited to get away and go to LAKE POWELL. We were sad to leave Slade but knew that it would be best without him. The drive down was great due to excitement and some major singing was happening.

We played, stayed up late, took naps, card games, tube rides, jet-skis, surfed and so much more. I think she loved the lack of schedule (that was hard for me).
Tavia was nice enough to take a nap with her one of the days. Luckily, it wasn't too hot and we were able to sleep inside on the beds.

It's pretty safe to say that she ruled the show when she could. She lead us all in cheer class, gymnastics, and dance parties. Yes, she was in charge and told us all what to do. We even received treats one of the nights if we were good listeners. I wish I would have videod it all.

I will not say which bum is which, but I couldn't resist a picture of these bubble bums. Seriously. Is it not the cutest?!

All of the extra friends were so good to her. They played with her and entertained her. She was in heaven.

One of her favorite things was driving the boat with Gramps. She thought she was SO big.

I am so glad we went, but I was so nervous because she had a cough prior to leaving. She had some medicine (additional) to take to try and help. It turned out fine but every scenario crossed my mind. What if she got a fever? What if I needed to access her port? Would I remember all of the right meds when we weren't sticking to our original routine? Yes, I may be a little paranoid. It worked out though and she had so much fun. Totally worth it!

Side note.... I informed Taleah that her friend Daphne was getting her port out. She replied, "That's so exciting! Does that mean she doesn't have Leukemia anymore?" Then a kind of sad look came across her face. I said, "Yes, she is done with treatment! Isn't that great?!" Taleah said, " Is it because she took her pills and did her chemo?" I nodded. Then she said, "When am I not going to be a cancer kid anymore?" That statement caught me off guard and I told her it would be a while but she would be done just like Daphne as long she continues to take her pills and do chemo. She seemed satisfied with that answer and said, "I can't wait to have Leukemia gone and not be a cancer cutie anymore."
I kept replaying that conversatoin in my head. Is she really only 3? Wow, she has learned so much. I am glad she does though and accepts that she has more to do before she is done.
 I was telling this story at Powell to some family and friends, but she added one more sentence to the end of the story. Right as everyone is saying ," Awww, that's sad and cute." Taleah says, "Poor me. Poor me. Poor me and my mom." Ha. Eating that right up. Loving the attention. Way too smart for her own good. Love her!
She has her monthly visit tomorrow (no chemo or steroids because of the study). We will find out what her numbers are and make sure she is doing ok. We are hoping for great everything because she will be attending Camp Hobe for the first time. We can't wait!

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  1. Glad you had fun! This week was also Bri's first time saying, "I wish I didn't have PKU." : ( I'm sure I will hear it a lot more in the future, but it is always sad the first time. I guess I'll just have to keep praying that someday it can be a reality for her!