Saturday, July 28, 2012

Steroid Week and the Effects

 Steroids are seriously evil. I know they do great things but holy cow! I didn't get any pics during the first of the week because she didn't feel well. She spent a day at Grammy's house because I had to work and she told everyone with tears in her eyes, "Don't talk to me because I had chemo yesterday."
She doesn't like to be spoken to or looked at when she is on steroids. I must say that the days she was actually taking the pills were much less angry and more emotional this time.
It was the days that followed her last does that were terrible.
We headed to Lake Powell for a family reunion. I was nervous because she would take her last does out there, but we went anyways (we left Slade with the Stevensons for the 1st day).
 She was in so much pain. The pain meds didn't even really help for one of the days. She complained that her hips hurt SO bad. She just laid on me and cried 75% of the time. However, she didn't want to leave. Treena showed up a few days late and totally saved the day. Taleah only wanted her or myself and they played for most of the day.

The ride home was great and so squishy! Taleah was in heaven though and feeling a lot better at this point. Just in time to go home.

I love that she comforts him. I feel like going through this journey will make her much more empathetic with people and their struggles. Sweet girl.

She was much better in time for dance camp. She was more than thrilled and would not leave me along every morning until it was time to go. I am so glad she was able to go. It's feeling "cancer normal" again.

She is full of personality and a little fiesty at this point. I am trying my best to discipline and not let her get away with things because she has cancer. I feel like these are important years for setting some boundaries in a childs' life. She is a sweetheart and I still consider her my hero.

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