Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I guess you could say it has been eventful here at the hospital. She played pretty good on Monday, but as the day continued on I could tell she wasn't feeling well. By the end of the night she wasn't doing great. She fevered again and only wanted me. She didn't even want anyone else to look or talk to her. She was miserable and it broke it my heart. The night wasn't too bad but she woke up pretty sad. She usually LOVES Dr. Marsden but not Tue morning. She burst into tears when he came in and wanted me to cover her face. I started crying and I couldn't believe that she was getting worse. We didn't draw labs and now I am glad that we waited one more day. I was supposed to go into work, but she wasn't happy about it. She finally agreed and Tavia had some things to work some magic. I was a wreck all day long. I kept losing it in the bathroom. Yep, on the toilet, washing my hands or even looking in the mirror (TMI?). I kept telling myself to keep it together. The unknown is scary and watching them suffer is awful.
 My mom and Tavia kept her entertained. They danced, sang and were beautiful ballerinas. My mom even bought her some ballet shoes (took 3 tries). She was more than thrilled and even danced while hanging onto her pole. It made work a lot easier knowing she was having a good time. AND it was nice to get out of that room and focus on something else (Even it was clouded by thoughts of her ALL day).

I guess you could say it was another wake up call. Cherish your kids and family. Love them and focus on what is important. I guess it is a lesson I still haven't learned. Taleah is such a sweet spirit and so strong. She didn't even cry very much. She is my hero. I am lucky to be her momma. I am learning lots. 
We appreciate all of the help we have received. I am so glad that Slade was so loved and taken care of while we stayed in the hospital. We have GREAT families.
We are headed home today even though her ANC is still VERY low. We will have to be extremely careful so we don't end up back in the hospital. I am PRAYING that it will come up quickly so we can enjoy a little bit of the fun weekend ahead. We will check her labs twice a week until we can get them under control. For now... her chemo is held until her numbers come back up. AHH. Scares me. Faith... have faith. Thanks again for your prayers.


  1. You both are so strong. An inspiration to us all. Lots of love and prayers your way. Another bad day down, a good one is on its way.

  2. She is strong, but so are you! I cry reading your posts, breaks my heart. I don't know if I could do it. Our thoughts and prayers are with your families.