Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekend Break- 2nd cycle of maintenance

It was kind of nice to not worry about her port (well of course I was still worrying about the next time we would use it). PCMC called and told me to put her back on her full strength chemo pills. I was a little nervous because I thought they usually tapered back on, but they know best so that is what we did. I then started to get nervous because I didn't know if it would tank her counts and we would run into the same problem as before. They said to "watch her". Great.... one more thing to stress about and second guess myself.
In the meantime, we decided to head to Brian head for the weekend. We invited some friends along. We had some adventures along the way but made it and had a great time.

 yes, that is Taleah throwing a tantrum

 It was so nice to go and feel sort of normal. They had a great time playing outside and forgetting about the cancer world. It was a much needed break (not much of a break for mommy but still fun).
On our way home, we told Taleah that Trevy and Kate were coming to STG for Sunday dinner. She was so excited to see them and said she got to give the first hug.

Oh the joys of the cancer world. Constant stress, learning and patience. Still haven't mastered it. Hopefully getting there.

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