Sunday, October 14, 2012

Much Needed Family Vacation- Disneyland

We have been looking forward to this getaway for quite some time. The Stevenson family had everything planned out and our attendance was dependent on Taleah's health. Her numbers were lower than normal at clinic so they told us to go off of oral chemo for the week to ensure her numbers wouldn't drop even lower. However, nothing in the cancer world is for sure. We prayed and prayed that she would be healthy as well as everyone else going (4 other children).
Luckily, everyone was healthy so we were able to go! Taleah was beyond excited. Slade was happy to be there with people he loved.
 The princesses were a hit. She was nevous at first, but instantly became drawn to them all.
Slade was a bit of a challenge but he did pretty well.
Taleah loved the rides and was pretty brave. She was 2" shy of 40" (which is the heighth for most rides). I heard that they won't make you take off your shoes so we attempted a princess dress with princess shoes (with heels). It was a success for 3 rides... one of the workers laughed/rolled her eyes at us. We didn't care!!!

Everyone was such a great help and my kids were in heaven with their cousins. They all got along really well! The rain wasn't a setback at all. We wore the ponchos and kept on.

 Disneyland is so much more fun with little kids. They thought everything was so great! I loved it.
The beach was also a success. The weather was perfect. She loved getting in the water. Slade did not, but he loved the sand. I couldn't help but think of the many blessings we had been blessed with.

The germs made me really nervous. We did our best to use continual hand sanitizer and wipe things down. Again, we prayed for the best. And it was the best.
Thanks Rob adn Sandee for a great vacation. We loved every minute of it.

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