Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 27

First off, let's just say that Heavenly Father answers prayers. After calling and being the crazy mom that I said I would never be, I waited for the phone call determining if we could be bumped up in the OR. I decided to hop in the shower while I had he chance and I missed the call. I was so nervous to listen to the voicemail. When I did, I cried. Good tears... they were able to get us at 8:15am. When I called back, I thanked the girl that I had originally talked to. I didn't ask how or why. I just accepted and felt so thankful. I know things happen for a reason and I am hoping that things will go smoothly on Monday so we can make it back. She won't have to fast near as long and we will make it back in time for the benefit concert. It might sound silly to some, but there has been a lot of time and love put into this concert by our loved ones. It really means a lot that I will hopefully be able to be there. I am not sure what we will do with Taleah... probably depends on her counts (Mon) and how she is feeling. Yay! Feels good to get some good news.

I decided that she needed to perform at the game with the cheer clinic girls. She loves to dance. She missed the clinic this week (which I was feeling sorry for her and mad that she couldn't go). She got some private lessons the day of the game (Abby and Tavia). Taleah tried to follow along and I had to capture the video because it was too cute. It is harder than usual for her to move around due to the added weight. She still rocked it.

After she was informed of what she got to do, she was more than excited. A nap was out of the question. She wanted to go right then, but we still had 3 hours. I convinced her to lay and watch a movie for 30 min, but the game was all she could talk about. I even talked her into having a bath (which is a battle lately because she is paranoid of getting her PICC line wet). She was SO excited and ready to go.

(only a few meltdowns in the process)

We talked to the athletic director and they said we could sit inside the fence, on the track, behind the goal posts. That way we wouldn't have to be by any people, but we could still watch daddy coach and watch the game. She was a little upset at first when we didn't sit in our usual bleacher spots, but I told her there were too many germs up there. She asked a few more times but I think she finally understood or accepted it.

The actual performance was darling. I had tears in my eyes. Silly because she only stood there with my sister, watched the other girls and did 1 kick with her leg. She didn't cry and had a few half smiles. But I still ad tears in my eyes. I feel like I see things in a whole different light now.

She didn't want to leave the game. I think she was in heaven being surrounded by people, but not anyone close. Having people to watch/entertain. Feeling somewhat normal.

The football boys are so sweet. They all have stickers on their helmets that say TS (Taleah Stevenson). They love her. They loved her before she was diagnosed. A lot of their "pep talks" have had her name in them. Ty scored a touchdown right in front of us...he pointed at Taleah and blew her a kiss. She LOVED it. She thought it was the greatest thing. I cried again. So sweet. I haven't been that emotional lately, but some of the simplest things mean more than they ever would have before this.

Tomorrow is the last day of steroids! YAY!!!


  1. Yay for the last day of steroids and for a fun night! You guys have so much love and support pouring your way, it is truly amazing! I am SO glad they were able to change the OR time for you. Love you guys!!

  2. So happy! You survived with grace and faith. Way to go taleah and family! I will pray that you get to be home for the concert.

  3. I'm a weirdo stalker, but I have been reading your blog (I saw it on Nikki Key's)! Last night at the game I recognized your little girl out there dancing. I actually shed a few tears and I don't even know you or her!! She is such a strong and special girl!!

  4. What a fun night for her and you! I'm so glad she was able to go out and perform and do something she obviously LOVES to do. And how sweet of the football players. I totally teared up reading about the touchdown, the point, and the kiss. Definite tear jerker.

  5. She is such a doll! Glad to hear that the steroids are done! We can't wait for the benefit concert either. Hope things keep looking up!

  6. I bet that she was super cute out there. I'm so happy to hear that your OR time was changed. Good luck tomorrow. I will be thinking of your family.

  7. Aww, she is soo sweet and cute. I wish all the best to her and your family!

  8. She was so darling at the game! What a sweet lil girl!!