Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Consolidation- Day 1

We headed back up for another clinic visit, chemo, and an LP. Her counts from nurse Jeanette coming to our house to access her on Sunday morning...

ANC 2000

Platelets 379,000

Hct 30.3

We left on Sunday at 4pm. She slept 3 of the 4 hours. It was a rough ride due to the sore legs/body (from the marathon).

We stopped at Sizzler to eat for dinner. She loved it. Only had 1 or 2 meltdowns.

Arriving at Treena's is the highlight of her entire trip. She played and played. They are so nice to let us invade time and time again. She played until 11:30pm and then we headed to bed. She did realize that going to bed made her that much closer to PCMC. At one point she didn't want to sleep in the bed because that meant leaving in the morning. It took some convincing, but we did it. She slept until 7:30am and we left around 8. Arriving was bitter sweet. I knew what was to come, but had a little less anxiety than before.

We made HUGE progress this time. I think it was because we met cute Daphne and saw her getting ready for her chemo. We also saw a little girl weigh by herself and get her vitals taken. That's all Taleah needed to pump her up for her first time "solo".

Yep, she weighed by herself, had her height measured, the nurse did her temp and she let the nurse put the BP and "bandaid light" on. Serious progress!!

(weight 32 pounds...still up 2.5-3 pounds)

She even played with the child life people. That is also a first. She was slightly distracted by them while I spoke with the doctor. She still listened to most of what was said because she likes to be very informed.

She woke up groggy/mean from the anesthesia. I hate that part. So much. And we have to do it for the next 3 weeks in a row. dang.

She slept the entire ride home. Makes for a faster... quieter ride home. Also makes for a late night at home.

We are officially on to the next phase. It is 28 days long. Consists of 2 chemos... one of which she takes every day at home (6mp). She received one today (vinc) and will receive the other (methotrexate) with every LP for the next 2 weeks. They say this phase isn't horrible and her counts shouldn't get too low.. but I don't know. I am not really sure what to expect. They also say that if she hasn't lost her hair yet, she may not until the next phase. It is shedding a lot. More and more every day. I should probably just buzz it and get it over with, but I don't want to. I am not sure why I am holding on... probably because I don't know how she will take it. Sometime soon.. we will decide.

I am feeling really worn down. Emotionally and physically exhausted. I feel like I have been trying to hold everything together so we could complete this marathon, and now that it is over I just want to let it all go. Sounds terrible. Again, I know some have it so much worse. I don't know if I am letting it all sink in now or if this is all part of the process. I can still function and take care of the kids. I just can't get on top of things. Constantly packing and then unpacking, driving in the car, and my emotions are all over the place. I will get used to it..I hope.

I really am grateful and she is doing awesome. It seems like her personality is back, but still having meltdowns a lot. She is very sensitive. It's great to see her sassy self dancing around. She is amazing.


  1. Go taleah! Glad she is returning to Her playful selff. I loved seeing the pictures of the marathon. You are all my heroes!

  2. Tosh.... I am sooo glad everything is going as planned babe you have the most georgeous little angel ever !! She is so strong and has the best mom ever ! I'm thinking of you guys daily and have you in my thought s and prayers love you cortney

  3. Tosh, I would totally be the same way with the hair.. there seems no rush?! just wait until you absolutely have/want to!! I think its such a private thing and i would hold on to it as long as i could or wanted to! love ya!

  4. I'm so happy that she is doing very well. I love the pictures that you post. I bet she keeps your house smiling and laughing. Congratulations on the marathon. All of you looked great.

  5. Sorry, I forgot to post my name.

  6. She's seriously doing so well. It took Daph a long time to do all the vitals by herself. I'm glad seeing Daph may have helped. Knowing they have friends who do it too really does help.

    She's so stinking cute!