Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Interim Maintenance- Day 10

I feel very blessed to be able to do some of the chemo treatments in STG. We had the entire thing arranged.. had her CBC drawn at home (w/Grammy cause mommy was at work) on Tue... if counts were good enough (above 750) we would increase the Methotrexate dose by 50 mg. Her labs came back...

ANC 1400

Plts 279,000

WBC 4.1

Hgb 11

Hct 31.3

Wednesday morning we headed to Marsden's office, which Taleah was very excited about. He checked her out and thought she looked great. She even ended with a hug..she loves him.

Then, we headed to 400 E campus for the chemo. They had to do a bilirubin test before we could get the methotrexate. That resulted in a little extra time. Taleah was much more relaxed.

waiting to be accessed...

There were no tears while accessing the port. She was a little apprehensive, but did pretty good. She seemed more concerned about it coming out. She was given supplies to give mommy chemo... Taleah was a great nurse.

She was so brave the whole time we were there. While waiting for the methotrexate, she took a walk with nurse Heather to get some snacks. She didn't need me anywhere near her. That was a huge step. It was a bittersweet moment. It made me pretty happy though. She really is getting used to it all.

It ended up being a 4 hour process. Beats driving to SLC though. I am very grateful!!!

So far, she has only complained of her tummy hurting. I snuck a little zofran in some grape juice. She hasn't eaten a whole lot since the chemo, but she is drinking a lot. Last time it was the day after that was rough, so we will wait and see. Good thing we are done with medicine for the week. YAY!!! I will admit that I am nervous about the increased dose (her vincristine was the same amount she has been getting). I know it is good for her to receive the most possible, but it still makes me nervous. Now... we wait 10 more days to do this same thing again... in STG. The visit after that will be in SLC. It all depends on those dang counts!

I keep hearing of these kids that are relapsing and it breaks my heart. I feel for their families. It makes me even more anxious for my little one. I know it does me no good to worry about the future which I have no control over...but I still do. Life is so unpredictable!! :)

I am constantly amazed at the good people we are surrounded by. People I don't even know are willing to help and they do. So many things, events, fundraisers have happened/are happening in her behalf and it melts my heart. It means a lot and makes this easier. We feel the love every day.


  1. So I have a friend that lives in st georg his name is a.j. He actuallly is the one that introduced me and steve but anyways I saw on his fb today that his st george events that he is over is doing a fundraiser for taleah...such a small world sounds like the whole community is rallying around taleah! It has to feel so good to have so much support and prayers! I think about you guys daily! Hang in there tosh your doing great!

  2. There will always be ups and downs, and although I don't know you personally, I am glad that I was brought to your blog by the Sullengers. I pray for positive days for you guys and feel your pain when you have to give her medicine (my son is her age and the SAME way lol). I also want to say thank you to your family and little Taleah for being such an inspiration. You truly are an amazing mother to her :)

  3. I came across your blog through another and I just wanted to say I follow your little girls health and pray for you guys. I can't imagine as a mom it has to be so hard! Love and prayers to your family.

  4. seeing how they have to access her port just made me cringe! I dont know how you do it.. i am sure it has gotten easier but ahh that would break my heart too! i dont do good with that stuff anyways! but glad yall are able to stay in st. george for some of the parts!!