Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve

Well, I guess you could say Christmas Eve was slightly depressing. I explained to Ashley that it was hard because everyone was expressing how much they LOVE the holidays and all I could think was, "Man, this sucks." My poor baby is suffering, unhappy, doesn't feel good and I can't comfort her. I am her mom and I can't do what a mom is supposed to do. Very discouraging. She was ornery, mean and didn't feel good. It was hard to juggle her, Slade wanting attention and getting ready for Christmas. I was not in the Christmas spirit. Even when her best little buddy Chloe came to exchange gifts, Taleah was mean. I was embarrassed, even though I know it's the steroids. Cute Chloe kept saying, "Tia not feel good." I hope she really understands that Taleah loves her and is being disguised by those dang steroids.

Scott's mom was sick for a bit so Taleah wasn't able to go over there or see much of anyone that lives in the same house. She LOVES all of them so it was hard on her. She loves to be anywhere but home.

We had Christmas with my family this year. Christmas Even dinner was a seafood dinner that was yummy. I was preoccupied with trying to keep my child under control. It was actually sad and I was on the verge of tears the entire time.

It did get better as the night went on. I don't know if meds kicked in, or chemo wore off a little but whatever it was... thank you. She played a little, ate a little, and even danced.

I was excited for them to open their jammies. Taleah matched the girls and Slade matched the boys. She was actually happy about them and wanted to put them on.

Poor Slade... he takes a lot from this girl. He typically tries to run, but for now she is bigger and faster (not for long).

She was pumped for the sleepover. I was nervous because they never sleep as well somewhere else. She did GREAT. Slade...not so much. She actually fell asleep watching a movie with Trev and Kate in their room. She loved the extra attention from them.

I was very nervous for the morning. I had NO idea how she would act. I didn't want Christmas morning to be ruined. I was pretty sure that I would CRY and CRY if she was mean/didn't feel good. Dumb... I just wanted a happy Christmas.

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