Friday, December 16, 2011

Endless Help (IM day 47)

Despite the smile on her face, she has been pretty whiny/ornery lately. I am guessing that she just doesn't feel quite herself. She hasn't complained of headaches and hasn't spent much time "down". Just crying,whining,yelling, and acting out. It's almost as if she turns into a little brat. I know that's horrible to say but that is how she acts. She doesn't want people to look at her, be by her, kiss her, ect. It's not 100% of the time, but a good portion of the day. I do my best to be patient and let her know that it's not ok to speak to people like that. Breaks my heart because I am guessing it's only because she doesn't feel the greatest. Oh man, steroids are in less than a week. Not sure if we will survive... :)

Talk about endless help. We have an amazing support system... ranging from family, friends, uncles, grandparents, neighbors and complete strangers. Amazing. I feel like our families especially drop everything to be there for us. My mom watches the kids while I work, drives to SLC with me, and puts up these cute pictures of my fam because I can't do it! Scott's parents watch the kids on MANY occasions. It seems like a lot of the time it's for selfish reasons (on our part) because we are usually doing something for entertainment and to keep me sane. They have other grandchildren and do so much for all of us. I feel like they try extra hard to be available for us whenever we need. It means a lot.

We ordered a swing set for Taleah so we could avoid the parks/germs. I know they are outside but I can only imagine the germs that are on those playgrounds. The only problem with ordering one... is putting it together. It has been outside our house for a month. It's a 3 more like a 6 man job. This time of year is difficult to round up that many people to devote HOURS setting up a swing set. Grandpa Young, Casey and Taylor came yesterday to get started. Prepping the ground, putting together the picnic table, ect.

Today... Rob, Scott, Taylor, Trevor and Paul are out there working hard. It's been hours and they are still going strong. Taleah and Slade enjoyed some time out there. Sunshine was just what she/Slade needed.

The manual says 3-5 hours. It's wrong. Probably double the time... at least. Let's hope it's worth their time :)

I'm pretty sure it will be.

The endless help means so much. It reminds us of how important families are. I am glad we have not 1, not 2 but many siblings to help us. We are glad we have all of them to share this journey with.

I pray that we can return the "endless help" to others someday.

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  1. Yay for families! i can't believe Slade is standing up & starting to walk! So cute