Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pictures- 3 years old

I am planning on getting professional pictures taken, but we haven't had the time or been able to predict how she would be. Everyone tells us to get professional pics when these kiddos are bald because it won't last long. It's on the agenda. BUT just in case she doesn't feel well after we start the chemo again tomorrow.... we went outside and snapped a few with my camera. They are lame and cheesy... but also SO cute. She is a doll. Had to capture her many faces/poses.

**3 years old... way too big**


  1. Love the sweet and sassiness of that girl. Totally adorable. Happy 3rd Birthday! (Seriously---when did our kids grow up?!)

  2. wish i lived near i would photograph the crap out of that little girl for free! she is super photogentic!

  3. Such cute pictures! Glad she had a fun birthday and that the last week was good for y'all! Praying that will continue for weeks to come!!