Thursday, January 5, 2012


Taleah is very social. It pretty much drives her crazy to be cooped up in our house. She always tells me that our house is "boring". Nice. I always proceed to name all of the fun things we do at our house, but I think she just gets sick of it/us. She would much rather be at the grandparents house. The steroids magnify that x10.

At our last visit her ANC was 3000, which is very high. My family went to dinner for Trevor's birthday on Tue night and we couldn't decide what to do with Taleah. She had "heard" about it and we knew she would be crushed if she couldn't go. We chose to take her with caution. Wiped everything with bleach wipes, wore a mask (except to eat), limited touching anything. It was a risk, but she had fun.

The chopsticks were her thing. We were Kate's face shows!! Kate was awesome to hold her/deal with her the entire time!!

Halo playdate with Trevy... she loved it so much that she fell asleep. But really.... she loves "playing" with him. I am not sure who loves him more... Taleah or Slade.

She loves all of her aunties. It is so nice for her to get some extra attention from others. And honestly it gives me such a break in so many ways. Not just at the moment that she is with them, but she seems happier overall. It makes me happy too.

Family has been nice enough to come to our house or have her over there. Anything to keep her happy. Steroids didn't have enough time to wear off and here they go again. AHHH!

Thanks fam/friends for helping us out and making her feel special.

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