Monday, February 27, 2012

Emily's Song for Taleah

Taleah's aunt Emily wrote this song for Taleah. She performed it at the benefit conert and it was amazing! Thank you Emily for this beautiful song. The video is perfect as well. We love you!


  1. K, tosh seriously everytime I watch one of these videos they've made for you I cry! I feel so bad she has to go through this. She is such a beautiful strong little girl!! I think about you guys so much! What a beautiful video and song!! Both of them! How special.

  2. Dear Tasha My name is Lindsay Weiland, I am 11 years old and i live 2 houses up up the street I am good friends with Gretchen Winder. I am so grateful for you beautiful loving family in my ward. We love your family so much i cant explain. I love the song so much. I was able to do the cheer camp for thunder and i walked out the door and saw a sign that said benefit concert for Taleah and i told my mom lets go we have to to go i made her take me. Im always thinking of your family im praying for you morning and night


    Love your friend Lindsay Weiland!