Sunday, February 26, 2012

We can do hard things! (IM2- Day 7)

I tried to keep telling myself that I could do hard things throughout this half marathon. I kept thinking of all that Taleah has endured. It seemed to help. Knowing I would see them at the end kept pushing me to go. I hadn't had the time to train like I wanted to due to hospital stays, long nights, life, ect. It all worked out. It was a good boost for me to remind myself that we will keep on going.
So not a good picture of myself... at all. BUT the only one we have in action.
There were a few days that I thought we were all going to go crazy in our house, but we survived. We survived by having dance parties at home and in the car, tearing apart our house (and whichever house we were at), eating food, playing lots of pretend... oh and we can't forget the meltdowns and tantrums!!
(Yes, my sister combed his hair over and took this pic... this passes by the time too)

I am pretty sure this weather has been our lifesaver. We have been able to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. This mild winter has really been a blessing for us. Really. We have only traveled in 1 snowstorm and had decent weather in all of our trips.

Heavenly Father does bless us in so many ways. Honestly, it is crazy to think that I would be saying how blessed we are BUT we really are. I have learned so much. And I must say that this community is AMAZING. It never ends. There are always people that are helping. So many that we don't even know about. We will never know who has helped us, but I will say that we can feel the love. It has changed us forever. (I have to finish writing about our Pine View experience. It was such a special day). There are still days that I think this cancer is too much, but everyone has their trials. Some may be small or big, but no matter the size.... they are still hard. They are still learning experiences and they are still a part of everyone's lives. I never want anyone to say they feel like they can't talk about their problems to us because we are dealing with so much. Sometimes it is nice to focus on someone else and not talk about us. We want to be a part of other people lives, even though sometimes it is hard because we are so wrapped up in our own life. We want to pay it forward and we plan on doing that when things get a little better.
This phase will hopefully go ok and if it does... we will be able to do our next visit up there when we are already planning on being up there for cheer nationals. Scott would be able to go with us and see how clinic works. I really hope that her body responds and we can give her the chemo that she needs when she needs it. She is a tough cookie. I know she can do it!

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