Thursday, February 9, 2012

Keeping Busy @ the Hospital

Let's just say that sitting in those rooms for 4 hours is rough. Especially after your child receives blood and is FULL of energy. I had to work the last day we were there. We have great family that was able to step in and play with her. It may have been a blessing for Taleah and I.

We were able to venture out (w/ a mask). This is the first time she would ride in a wagon and loved it. It was our "out".

Oh how she LOVES nurse Heather. She was thrilled to finally see her. I can't even tell you how much she loves her.

Chloe came at just the right time. We were patiently waiting for our "48 hour" negative culture... and needed something to get us through the next 2 hours. Yay for Ash and Chloe. Chloe even loved the wagon. Yes, it may have been 9:30pm and we were roaming the halls. We encouraged their quiet voices... I am pretty sure we didn't wake anyone up.

Tavia delivered Kneaders while Grammy was there. And I didn't get any pictures of Grandma and Grandpa Stevenson, but she partied with them too. Everyone commented on the endless energy she had.

I guess I didn't realize what a little blood.. actually a lot of blood.. could do for a 3 yr old. Her lips and head acutally look pink to me. They aren't... but actually have some color.

Boy are we glad to be home. Now if her dang counts will come up.... so we can start the next phase and knock them down again. Oh the joys of cancer!

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