Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June is flying by.... 1st cycle of Maintenance

Again, it's probably a good thing that the month is flying by without much craziness. We have been keeping busy with the regular things of life, but luckily nothing too bad.
These two are playing and fighting so well. It makes my life easier and harder. Love it though.

Taleah's "boyfriend" moved away to college. She was excied to give him so gifts and candybar card. She really thinks very highly of him and smiles when she talks about him. I am not even kidding.

I feel like they have been "baby-sat" a lot due to work and a few other things. I always feel guilty but it's nice that they are always loved and cared for.

She had her monthly check up right before Camp Hobe and everything looked great. Her numbers weren't too high, but probably high enough that they will increase her oral chemo at the next visit. I am ok with that, but the Thur night Methotrexate pills are rough sometimes. More often than not, she wakes up on Fri mornings with a headache and no desire to even hold her eyes open. I hate it. I am guessing it is because of that chemo because it usually is gone by Fri evening. It still breaks my heart and is always a slap in the face that cancer still rules our world. I hate that it does!

Luckily, it only lasted until that night. She was back to herself. Love it.
Her hair is growing pretty fast. My favorite is when people comment on the fact that I buzzed her hair for the summer. I am pretty sure they just want to know why her hair isn't long. Cracks me up though. I guess asking if she has cancer is probably a lot harder to do.

We go up to start the 2nd cycle in July. I deicded to try the flying route this time. It will cut out an entire day and I am hoping it will be less draining. I will spend less time away from Slade and we won't have to endure the dreaded ride home. I tried to figure out these "angel miles" I had been hearing about. Another cancer mom said that people donate their sky miles to people traveling to PCMC for treatments. I don't know if that is true and I tried to contact Skywest, but didn't really get an answer. I just booked the flight and then we can decide if we think it is worth the extra money. Hoping it is better!

Famliy time means so much more. Watching them play and interact melts my heart. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I know every parent loves their kids and thinks they are great, but there are moments when I realize that she is lucky to be alive. We are lucky to live in a day in age where medicine can cure this beast. I have those tender moments occasionally that make tears in my eyes. And it always seems to be in the most inconvenient places.

I am hoping that she will continue to do well. I know we haven't been as good at the strict hygiene and we need to. It's just not as easy/obvious when she isn't bald and sick. We do appreciate the people that are thoughtful of her and her immune system. It means a lot.
I think we are doing pretty well and constantly overwhelmed with the kind people in our lives.
I know I struggle sometimes with this "new life". It's hard to describe, but I think overall we are handling. I probably just bottle things up so I break down occasionally. Normal right?! I am sure we will eventually "talk" with people who are really good at this stuff. Can't make things worse I hope.
I know everyone has trials and this one just happens to be ours. Honestly, I pull strength from others who conquer theirs. We know some pretty amazing people. Thanks again for the wonderful support and examples we have!!

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  1. I'm glad life is busy and mostly normal again for you. It's been good to see you guys at family-get-togethers. I hope flying turns out to be a good option for you. We make that drive every few weeks during the summer for Harmons meetings and it is NO FUN with two kids. I don't know how you do it. Hope to see you more this summer!
    PS-I love how her hair has grown back! It really looks like you cut that way to be stylish. And it reminds me of Scott when we were little.