Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 1

Today is officially Day 1. She fasted all morning after having a rough night of fevers and pain. I could barely hold it together as I watched her in pain. I am told that a lot of the pain is from the leukemia taking over her body, which we hopefully get rid of soon and only have to deal with the pain/side effects of the chemo.

She is old enough now that she is listening to everything they say and I can see it breaking her spirits. I am not quite sure how to handle this as her mom.
She went in for a PICC line, Lumbar Puncture with intrathecal methotrexate and a bone marrow aspirate (which they are guessing is about 80-90% leukemia cells). I hated that I had to send her off for more of that when I was the one that told her we were done just a few short months ago. She is now sleeping and trying to keep her O2 sats up. I can tell that she is devastated, sad, scared and not quite sure how to process it all. She isn't loving anyone coming into the room, she is scared of everyone and what is to come.
Because she relapsed so soon after finishing treatment, her chemo rounds will be a little more intense. She will be losing her hair soon (which I am not even sure how to deal this time around). Today and tomorrow we find out her CSF has leukemia cells in it. She didn't have them at diagnosis but this is a whole new ballgame. They said they detected 6 WBC in it so they had to send it for further testing. IF she does have them, it's not great and they will change her course of treatment a little bit. We are starting all of the chemo, steroids and hanging out in the hospital room. We will test the siblings tomorrow. So much happening and so much to wrap our heads around.
Thanks again for your prayers. We sure can feel the love.


  1. Tell sweet little Taleah we love her and we have a new baby horse at our barn. We want to name it after her or let her pick the name. I will send her pictures tomorrow. Love Todd Abelhouzen and his girls!

  2. My heart is so heavy reading this Tosha... tears streaming, we will fast for Taleah and pray for you guys for a miracle and for the support of an entire community. We love you. ~ The Wood family.

  3. I stumbled across your blog after a friend shared it. First, I am so sorry. I do not know what going through cancer treatment for a child islikeasa parent. My daughter has had four open heart surgeries, the last a transplant, and we have spent about a year total at PCH inpatient.

    I can speak to the anxiety a child faces in the hospital which is why I wanted to comment. I created a petition to get the hospital to use dedicated treatment rooms, where anything unpleasant can take place (IVs, PICC dressing changes, lumbar punctures, UA caths etc) so that their rooms stay SACRED and SAFE. My daughter sleeps so much better there now. Anyway, they are supposed to offer it but I don't think they are. I hope that helps you.

    From this Mama's heart to yours.

  4. Hi Tosha, my name is Robyn. I am Kristin Oliver's mom. I live in your uncle Lance's ward. I have spoke to him many times regarding Taleah. Our hearts are absolutely broken. We feel your pain. I had no idea what these sweet children go through until we have experienced it with Braelyn. It's amazing how brave and strong they are. They are my hero's. We want you to know that your family is in our thoughts and prayers everyday. We will continue to put your family on the prayer roll in the temple. I truely hope the very best for you and your sweet Taleah. Love, Robyn

  5. I am praying so hard for your family. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.